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    St. Odilia Athletics

    St. Odilia is a Christian learning environment that recognizes each student as a valued member of our environment. Team sports help students grow and develop physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Within team sports, players have the opportunity to have fun, build a positive self-image, enjoy being a member of a team, learn the skill of the game, and to play the game. The expectations of the players and coaches are that the players learn the rules of the game, play the game, attend practices, and make a commitment to the team.

    St. Odilia Athletics competes as part of the Catholic Athletic Association (CAA). All St. Odilia students are invited and encouraged to participate regardless of ability or previous playing experience.


    Students are encouraged to have fun, enjoy the sport, feel good about their participation, and be given the opportunity to compete at their own skill level. Teams are determined by the availability of facilities and personnel to operate the individual programs.


    Fall Sports

    Soccer (boys and girls grade 5-8)
    Volleyball (girls grades 6-8)
    Team Schedules

  • Thank you to all of the Soccer Camp participants and volunteers! 

    Especially, Tim & Carrie Northrop, Tim Hannon, Dave Fink, Alicia Bina, Jennifer Gruetzman, Kelly Aspinwall, and the 8th grade volunteers.



Degrees and Certifications:

Megan Corcoran

Athletic Director