• Middle School 

    High school is on the horizon, and middle school is a journey to prepare students for its challenges and beyond.

    St. Odilia School creates an environment where middle school students can grow in their faith and become the moral scholars that will lead tomorrow's world. Middle school classes are departmentalized, with students changing classes for all eight periods. Religion, Language Arts, Math, Literature, Science, and Social Studies are a part of the core curriculum; students also receive instruction in Art, Physical Education, Spanish and Health from specialists. We also provide advanced classes in Math, Literature, and Language Arts. Students may choose to be involved in music through band, bell and vocal choirs. Technology is incorporated into all subjects via the use of portable laptops, Smart Boards, digital media, iPads, and a computer lab. In addition, Catholic students in eighth grade are provided the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation before they graduate from our school. 

    Middle School students often possess a passion for extra-curricular activities. Athletics are used as a tool to further reinforce faith through good sportsmanship. Extra-curricular experiences help build leadership skills, teach the values of hard work, and help build personal confidence and self-esteem. St. Odilia also offers various art programs before and after school, including ceramics and stained glass. Additionally, our middle school Drama Club puts on two to three shows each school year.