• St. Odilia School Enrichment Program

    At St. Odilia School, our motto is H.O.T.S., not M.O.T.S.

    We believe in cultivating Higher Order Thinking Skills (H.O.T.S.), not More of the Same (M.O.T.S.) 

    All learners need appropriate and challenging content based on discovering and building content knowledge. We are continually strengthening our program for our high-ability students. For advanced thinkers, our enrichment program involves deliberate instruction in thinking tools and metacognitive skills, as well as content. These are things we do for our advanced learners to deepen knowledge beyond the grade-level curriculum.

    We believe that high-quality enrichment supports school-wide priorities in addition to building cohesion between core academics and other subjects to enhance learning and outcomes. We provide high-ability students with opportunities to build mastery of content beyond regular classroom instruction, which deepens students’ skills and interests. We welcome our advanced thinkers as an opportunity to broaden and strengthen our already positive school climate.

    Enrichment Mission:
    St. Odilia strives to give every child, every chance, to have the richest possible experience every day. St. Odilia uses Donald Treffinger's Levels of Service Model to enhance and develop each child's God-given talents. Many of the descriptions in the link below have been taken from his book Enhancing and Expanding Gifted Programs; The Levels of Service Approach (2004).
    Click here to see our Levels of Service Model (L.o.S.).