St. Odilia partners with TADS for processing of admissions, enrollment, financial assistance and the collection of our families’ tuition (including preschool). By moving to a tuition management system, St. Odilia joins other private and parochial schools utilizing such services to better serve families, by providing you more convenient options of payment, as well as improving the school’s cash flow.
    TADS is a convenient and secure way to pay tuition as well as other fees or billings such as field trip costs, service projects, athletic fees, Knight Watch, fundraising, etc. You can use your bank account, automatic withdrawal,  debit or credit cards to make all payments. 
    If you prefer, you can sync your TADS account with a “Bill Pay” account associated with your bank.  It really is a one-stop shop for most costs associated with the services the school provides.

    TADS Links:
    1. New Families Apply Here 
    2. Current Families Log-in page  

    Tuition Agreement FAQs

    Q: What is a tuition agreement?

    A: The Agreement is a contract between you and the school that confirms your responsibility for the charges listed in the Agreement. The Agreement must be signed online. We recommend contacting the school directly if you have concerns regarding tuition amounts, payment methods, or entering payment information online.


    Q: How much will my tuition be? What payment plans are offered? How do I sign the tuition agreement?

    A: All information related to your tuition agreement with the school is listed within your individual tuition agreement. To access your agreement, you will need to click the link at the bottom of the email you receive from TADS ("Click here to setup") your agreement on the TADS website). You will be redirected to TADS and asked to log in or create a new user account. Your student's charges/credits will be listed under ‘New Charges’ once you have opened the agreement.


    Q: I am getting an error on my Agreement, why can I not submit?

    A: If you are unable to submit your Agreement, please review your selections to ensure that all checkboxes have been checked, all bubbles filled, all drop-down menus selected, and all signatures signed. A common error is a missing signature field, please check your Agreement for a blue link: "Unsigned (Click to Sign)".


    Q: I am responsible only for a partial amount of the tuition. How do I update my Agreement?

    A: Please contact the school directly regarding adjusting your responsibility for the charges. They will update the Agreement or create a new Agreement for you to complete with just your charges.


    Q: I do not see any financial aid listed on this Agreement, should I still sign it?

    A: If you believe that you have received financial aid from your school, but do not see the amount listed on your Agreement, we recommend that you contact your school directly. If you do not feel comfortable signing this Agreement, we recommend that you speak to your school directly to better understand their timeline.




    Billing Account FAQs

    Q: There are no billing accounts listed under the Billing tab – why don’t I see the billing account for my child’s school?

    A: This would indicate that you have not yet signed your tuition agreement. Upon completion of the tuition agreement, a billing account will be established for the respective school year, listing your current and future invoices.


    Q: How can I change my due date?

    A: All changes to an established billing account must be approved by the school. Please contact their office directly with any change request.


    Q: How do I switch my automatic payment method?

    A: You may change your automatic payment account from the settings tab in your billing account. You may also contact TADS to make changes to this payment method.


    Q: I requested something to be changed on my established billing account. When will the change be made?

    A: All changes to your billing account must be approved by the school before we can make any updates. If your school has approved your request, TADS will update your account and send you an email to let you know it is finished. If the request is urgent, we recommend contacting the school directly with your follow-up.


    Q: Will I be charged a late fee if I do not pay on time?

    A: TADS has a 5-day grace period before any late fees are charged. The grace period starts on the date your invoice is due. If we do not receive a full payment after 5 days, a late fee is assessed on your next invoice.


    Q: Can I make a larger or smaller payment than what my invoice reflects?

    A: Yes, when you make a payment in the Billing tab you can edit how much you will pay. Click "Make Payment" for the correct account, then enter and confirm the amount you will pay. Any overpayment will be applied to invoices from oldest to newest. Please note that if your account is on automatic payments, TADS will draft the account on file for the balance due after any applicable manual payments have been made, on the respective invoice.


    Q: Can I make a payment if I have not signed my Agreement?

    A: You must sign your Agreement before making payments.


    Q: Can I pay before my invoice is due?

    A: Yes, to make an early payment towards available charges you can click the Billing tab and click the corresponding "Make Payment" link. Please note: Payment will be applied to invoices from oldest to newest.


    Q: When do automatic payments withdraw?

    A: The automatic payments are sent to your bank one business day before the due date and will withdraw the next business day. Changes to your payment settings must be made prior to 11:00 a.m. Central time the business day before the due date.