• Requirements and Expectations

    St. Odilia has a tradition of being proud of our teams for their excellent sportsmanship and great effort. Teams are coached by staff members and parent volunteers. A participation fee is collected at the start of each season. The St. Odilia Parish Men’s Club raises money to support all of the school athletic programs. All students participating in athletics are required to work at least one Men's Club event.
    Eligibility Requirements
    In order to help the students balance their curricular and extracurricular lives, the 
    Middle School Faculty has adopted an eligibility program
    Parent Responsibilities
    1. Parents are required to make arrangements for transportation to all practices and games that their child(ren) need to attend. We discourage coaches from providing rides for their athletes.
    2. Parents are to pick up their athletes promptly from practices and games. Coaches are responsible for athletes and must stay late until all athletes leave the premises.
    3. Players and coaches cannot be responsible for caring or watching team member's siblings during games or practices.
    4. Parents should be sure their child(ren) pick up any trash they bring to the gym/field and help put away chairs following home basketball and volleyball games.
    5. All athletes are required to work at one of the three Men’s Club pancake breakfasts or other Men’s Club event, therefore parents must be sure their child(ren) are available for one of those dates.
    6. Every year St. Odilia hosts an eighth-grade basketball tournament. All parents of the athletes involved in the tournament are required to work at the tournament.
    7. St. Odilia strongly encourages our parents to attend athletic events and expects them to display Christian sportsmanship at all times.

    Student-Athlete Responsibilities
    1. Athletes are expected to model Christian values while participating in their sport. They must attend practices and games, and follow all school and team rules.
    2. Team members participating in a practice or game may not leave the playing area unless they have permission from a coach.
    3. Only team members are allowed to be present at team practices.
    4. Athletes are responsible to clean up any trash or belongings they bring to a game or practice.
    5. All basketball and volleyball players are required to set up the gym for a home game if they are the first game of the evening. If they are the final game of the evening, they must put away the chairs, tables, and pick up any trash.
    6. All athletes are expected to work one Men’s Club pancake breakfast or other Men’s Club event each year they participate in a sport.
    7. If a practice or a game is scheduled before 5:00 p.m., athletes may stay after school. If they do they are they are required to quietly study in the courtyard. When practices or games are after 5:00 p.m., athletes must go home and return at the scheduled time. Special circumstances should be arranged ahead of time with the Athletic Director or the Principal.

    1. Sportsmanship, responsibility, and commitment will be taught and honored.
    2. Each player will be considered a very important member of the team.
    3.Team goals will be set by each coach and group of players at the beginning of each season. The level of competition will be agreed upon by the Athletic Director and the Administration. 
    4. It is important that players have every opportunity to play in games.
    5. It is the coach’s responsibility to communicate the guidelines and expectations to students and parents at the beginning of the season.
    6. Before the season starts coaches are given guidelines by the Athletic Director.
    7. Some sports may have one highly competitive team and one less competitive allowing for more equal play time at the eighth-grade level. Selection based on skill is not the practice for any teams below the eighth-grade level, as it is the objective at these levels to create teams of equal skill. (Exception: traveling basketball teams may begin at the seventh-grade level.)
    8. Some coaches at St. Odilia School are volunteers. All volunteers must pass a background check and complete Virtus Training before the season begins.

    Opportunity for Higher Level of Competition
    Due to the fact that the winter athletic season is longer than the fall or spring seasons, the opportunity to extend the athletic experience to traveling teams may only occur for basketball. Traveling teams may only be organized for seventh- and eighth-grade levels. Traveling basketball teams have competed under the St. Odilia name in the past. These are special circumstances initiated, organized and run by qualified, motivated parents or staff. If an individual is interested in organizing a traveling basketball team, he or she must contact the Athletic Director by May 1st of the preceding school year to obtain a copy of the procedures required to organize a traveling basketball team.

    Questions/Concerns Procedure
    Questions, concerns, or problems with a specific issue during an athletic season must first be addressed with the coach. If, after consulting with the coach, the concern is not satisfactorily addressed then the Athletic Director should be consulted. If the coach or Athletic Director has not resolved the issue, then the issue should be submitted to the Principal. The school administration is the final authority on all athletic concerns.
    Dismissal Procedure for Team Activities
    Participants of after-school athletics will be dismissed when “teams” are called during the dismissal procedure. A team may be dismissed before that time only when the coach has gotten approval by the Athletic Director or School Administration, teachers will be informed of this by the daily attendance report.

    Sports Offered
    The following is a summary of the sports typically offered at St. Odilia along with the grades that participate:

    Fall        Soccer (6th-8th-grade boys and girls)
                 Volleyball (6-8th-grade girls)
                 Cross Country (5th-8th-grade boys and girls when there is enough interest)

    Winter    Basketball (5th-8th-grade boys and girls) 
                  Wrestling  (K-8th grade boys when there is enough interest; this program
                         runs in conjunction with St. John the Baptist School in New Brighton.)
                  Swimming (K-8th grade boys and girls)

    Spring    Baseball (6th-8th-grade boys)
                 Softball (6th-8th-grade girls)
                 Track and Field (4th-8th-grade boys and girls)
                 Golf (6th-8th-grade boys and girls when there is enough interest)
    Use of Athletic Facilities
    Athletic facilities, which include, but are not limited to, the gym, soccer field, and batting cage, are used exclusively by St. Odilia Parish groups and during parish activities. Teams and groups not associated with St. Odilia are not permitted to use these facilities.