• The following information has been taken from pages 41-42 of the St. Odilia Parent Handbook.

    Extracurricular Activities
    Eligibility Requirements
    In order to help students balance their curricular and extracurricular lives, the Middle School Faculty has adopted an eligibility program. Students must maintain a C- average or better in each class. If a C- average in each class is not achieved, the student will be suspended from all extracurricular activities for one week. A student not maintaining a C- average in a specific class may keep their eligibility if, in the assessment of the teacher, they are putting forth their utmost effort. The suspension is from Wednesday to Tuesday. Suspension time will be used to improve the student’s average in the subject area(s) of concern. The student is responsible to bring home notification of ineligibility and return it signed by a parent.
    The notification is to be returned to the teacher who issued it. After one week, if the grade has been raised to a C-, missing or poor work has been completed, and/or in the assessment of the teacher, the student has made a significant effort towards improvement, the student will be reinstated in all extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities include but are not limited to: Athletic teams, student activities such as ski trips, Math Masters, MATHCOUNTS, Destination Imagination, Choir, and Tech Helpers.
    A student may become ineligible due to discipline issues as well. The eligibility rule also applies to students who have received multiple detentions due to discipline problems. (See discipline consequences pages of in the St. Odilia Parent handbook for more information.) In order for a student to participate in an after-school extracurricular activity, the student must attend, at a minimum, half of the school day on which the activity will take place, and in the case of an illness, must attend the last half of the school day. An exception is made for a student attending a funeral.