St. Odilia Knight Logo 
    St. Odilia is proud to announce its new, official Knight logo! This logo was created in conjunction with the new school website. Our logo represents St. Odilia's school spirit and its Catholic identity in a distinctive way. In developing the logo, we focused on showing respect for the traditions and values that have emerged at St. Odilia while reinforcing St. Odilia's unique educational identity and community.
    Knights were mounted soldiers of honorable military rank. A knight was most often armed with a sword and a shield bearing his family crest. Knights were bound to the code of chivalry promising to defend the weak, to be courteous to all, to be humble, and to be loyal to their king. Knights were also considered noble with regards to their character, spirit, and state of mind.
    The new Knight bears the crest of the Crosier Cross on his shield. The Crosier Order founded the St. Odilia Parish. The St. Odilia Community is a 'family' of faith that is loyal to the code of their King and protector, Jesus Christ. A sense of nobility is present within our community as our school and church strive for excellence in character, faith, charity, athletics, and academics. St. Odilia Knights strive to humbly serve their community and God. They defend the weak through acts of service in their school, church, and local communities. They strive to honor and keep the commandments and doctrine of the Catholic Church.
    The St. Odilia Knight upholds the "sword of the spirit." It is symbolic of the sword the Apostle Paul referenced to the people in Ephesus, a part of the "whole armor of God." (Ephesians 6:10-20 NLT) St. Paul associates the power of prayer and the Word of God with the "sword of the spirit." In understanding that a knight was often armed with a sword, we included the "sword of the spirit" as a symbol of the values our school community stands for and works to instill in each student. The Word of God is key to the honor and existence of a St. Odilia Knight.
    This is the complete armor of God that St. Paul describes in Ephesians 6:10-20, NLT:
    Belt = Truth
    Body Armor = Righteousness
    Shoes = Peace that comes from the Good News
    Shield = Faith
    Helmet = Salvation
    Sword = Word of God
    We take pride in the new Knight logo and look forward to the increased association of this Knight with the excellence of our parish school community.