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    (See School Policy 5144: Discipline)

    The word discipline is derived from disciple, meaning a pupil, a follower, or a learner. St. Odilia Catholic School is a community of learning. At St. Odilia Catholic School, we strive to teach and learn the proper behavior of Christian citizens. The rules of the school are directed to safeguard freedom and aid in developing personal responsibility.

    The foundation of proper behavior comes from the teachings of the gospel and the teachings of the home. Discipline involves guiding and directing children toward responsible behavior. Discipline is something we do with children, an interaction, not something we do to children. Teachers maintain that delicate balance between guiding a child to behave intrinsically and the need for rules and consequences necessary to provide a safe environment. When a student’s behavior violates the rights of others, it becomes subject to disciplinary measures. The teacher or administrator concerned will handle discipline on an individual basis.

    General: In general the expectation of students is to respect themselves and others and to be a positive addition to the learning environment of the school. Only behavior, use or possession of materials or devices that aids in that learning environment is acceptable. Any behavior, use or possession of materials or devices (i.e. wireless devices, electronics, or games) that detract from that learning environment will be dealt with individually.

    Care of School Property: (See School Policy 5144.5: Care of School Property)
    If a student accidentally breaks or damages something, it is reported to the office for repair. In some situations, and depending on the circumstances, parents may be asked to pay for repairs. If vandalism occurs, the act and person are reported to the school administration and restitution must be arranged.

    Care of Textbooks: Students at St. Odilia are given books to use. Hardbound texts and some paperbacks must be used for multiple years. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the students to use textbooks wisely and with care. Books should be covered, free of marks, dry, un-torn, and un-creased.

    If a book is judged unusable by the classroom teacher or lost, the student is responsible for the replacement cost of the book. If the book is judged to have been poorly cared for, a nominal fee may be charged for the damage; the student is responsible for up to half the cost of the book and for cleaning it up. The final report card will not be issued until all book fines are paid.

    Lunchroom Behavior: (See School Policy 5144.2: Lunchroom Behavior) 
    Manners and order in the lunchroom are expected. All students in grades K-5 shall remain in the lunchroom until they are dismissed by the lunchroom supervisor. All tables and areas around tables should be left in a presentable manner. Students needing a longer eating time are happily allowed to remain for a reasonable amount of time. 

    Playground Behavior: (See School Policy 5144.3: Playground Behavior)
    Rules of conduct on the playground exist to foster thoughtfulness and consideration of others and bring order to the school environment. 

    • Show respect, cooperation and fair play at all times. 
    • Students are to exit by north doors and stay in designated areas. 
    • Stay in assigned areas and away from cars, dumpsters and other objects. 
    • Do not pick up or throw rocks, sand, snow, etc. 
    • Use equipment appropriately and only on assigned days. 
    • Stay away from traffic barrier ropes and cones. 
    • Students need permission from playground supervisors to return to the bathroom, health office, etc. Students are not to have skateboards, in-line skates, etc. on the playground. 
    • Students are instructed to line-up at the end of the play period signified by a whistle blow or bell. Playground supervisors are responsible for determining appropriate play. 
    • Tackling or contact games are not permitted. In winter, ski pants and boots must be worn in order to play on snow hills.
    • In spring, students cannot play on the soccer field until it is pronounced ready.

    Church/Liturgy Behavior:

    1. Students are to enter and exit the church quietly and reverently.

    2. Students are to participate in a reverent manner.

    3. Students will be dismissed from the church in a specific order.

    Bus Behavior: (See School Policy 5144.4: Bus Behavior)
    Bus transportation is provided as a convenient, safe way to transport students to school. We appreciate the support and cooperation of all parents and students in providing a safe and pleasant bus ride for our children. Students who cannot or will not obey school district bus rules and regulations forfeit their privilege of this service.

    In accordance with St. Odilia School Regulations, the following guidelines are printed so that students and parents of St. Odilia School know and understand what is expected of students when they ride school buses:

    The following acts are forbidden while riding a school bus. 

    • Throwing any items inside or out the windows of a bus.
    • Standing or changing seats while the bus is in motion.
    • Intimidating or harassing a fellow student or the bus driver.
    • Failing to take a designated seat if specifically directed by the bus driver.
    • Riding without permission on any bus, which the student is not scheduled.
    • Exhibiting any inappropriate behavior or language.
    • Possessing an object/substance that may cause injury to any individual.
    • Sitting incorrectly in the seat, including blocking or obstructing the aisle in any way.
    • Any actions that are a distracting to the driver and, therefore; a safety concern.
    • Eating while on the bus may be allowed with the consent of the driver and if the area is cleaned of crumbs, containers, wrappers, etc. prior to departing.
    • Students are permitted to use personal electronic technologies under the following guidelines. 
      • St. Odilia is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of these devices.
      • Inappropriate videos, songs, or content viewed, shared, or discussed are strictly prohibited.
      • The use of these devices must not be a deemed a distraction by other riders or the driver.


    Controlled Substance Policy  (See School Policy 5144.1: Controlled Substance Policy)
    Students are not to be in possession of, involved with, or under the influence of any illegal substance, mood-altering and/or controlled substances, including alcohol, drugs, and tobacco on school or parish property or during any school or parish sponsored activity.

    Current statutes concerning a minor’s use/possession of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs/chemicals, tobacco products, drug-related devices, inhalants, or misuse of prescription and/or over-the-counter medications will be enforced. The Administration is responsible for notifying law enforcement officials when appropriate.

    Harassment and Violence (See School Policy 5142.1: Harassment and Violence)
    It is the policy of St. Odilia Catholic School to maintain learning and working environment that is free from religious, racial, sexual or other harassment and violence. No employee or student of the school shall be subjected to the above. This policy will be enforced before, during and after school hours on all school and parish property, including the school bus, school functions, and events held at other locations.

    It shall be a violation of this policy for any student, teacher, administrator, other school or parish personnel to harass any student, teacher, administrator, other school or parish personnel through conduct or communication of a sexual nature or regarding religion or race as defined by this policy.

    It shall be a violation of this policy for any student, teacher, administrator, other school or parish personnel to inflict, threaten to inflict or attempt to inflict violence upon any student, teacher, administrator or St. Odilia personnel.

    The School Administrator shall be responsible for promoting understanding and acceptance of, and assuring compliance with, state and federal laws and school policy governing harassment and violence within the school. The Administrator will act to investigate all complaints, either formal or informal, verbal or written of harassment or violence and to discipline or take appropriate action including possible suspension, expulsion or termination of employment against any student, teacher, administrator, school or parish personnel who is found to have violated this policy. 

    Bullying (see School Policy 5142.12: Bullying)
    St. Odilia School recognizes the negative impact that bullying has on student health, welfare, safety and on the learning environment of the school. St. Odilia School recognizes that bullying creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, detracts from the safe environment necessary for student learning, and may lead to more serious violence.

    St. Odilia School cannot monitor all activities and eliminate all incidents of bullying between students, particularly when one or more of the students involved are not on school property, at school-related functions, and/or under the direct supervision of school personnel.

    The Bullying Policy is part of the Discipline Policy (see Policy No. 5144) for the school, and as such, progressive consequences will be used to improve behavior.  

    Middle School (see School Policy 5144: Discipline- Middle School Handbook) 
    The middle school years are of great importance in the formation of young people. Students formulate the attitudes and habits they will carry into their high school years during this time. Middle school is a bridge linking the elementary school to the high school years. The philosophy of the middle school is to help students realize their potential academically and understand their place in the community of Christian persons. An emphasis on accepting personal responsibility, personal growth and independence are central to this philosophy. These are vital to the student’s development academically, spiritually, and as a citizen.

    Rules and Consequences for Middle School Students

    • Speak and act respectfully to EVERYONE.
    • Follow directions the first time they are given.
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    • Be on time, seated, and prepared for homeroom and classes.
    • Use property with respect: Lockers, displays, books etc.Keep halls and classrooms clean.
    • Pick up after yourself- and others!
    • Walk quietly at all times.
    • No gum on campus at any time.
    • Do NOT leave school grounds during school or while staying for extracurricular activities.


    For minor disruptions, not carrying out responsibilities, or other behaviors students will be issued a Personal Improvement Plan (PIP). Although PIPs are serious, they should be seen as a way to grow. When a student earns a PIP, it does not mean that the student is a bad person, nor does it mean that a teacher dislikes the student.  A PIP is a way for a student to reflect on his or her poor behavior choice so he or she can improve his or her behavior in the future while recognizing how behavior affects how others learn in class. 

    Middle School Discipline


    For students whose actions are beyond minor disruptions, consistently disruptive, or violate appropriate conduct, an after-school detention will be issued. The detention will be a 45 minute period and will be served on the next school day after being issued. Detentions will be issued to students whose behavior shows blatant disrespect, mutilation of property, fighting, blatant refusal to cooperate, behavior to be considered seriously disruptive, not returning a PIP when issued, having gum and other inappropriate behaviors.

    After-school detentions must be served on the date designated, as the consequence of the student's actions should follow within close proximity of the act. Extra-curricular activities are not an acceptable excuse to reschedule the detention. A second detention will be issued if a detention time is missed. Should a student's behavior consistently violate appropriate conduct he/she may forfeit his/her privilege to participate in school sponsored activities and administration may provide additional consequences in accordance with our discipline policy.