How to Contribute

  • St. Odilia Endowment Funds can accept gifts in several forms:

    Cash or Stock: Contribute any amount, any time! Checks should be made payable to “St. Odilia Endowment Fund" or "St. Odilia School Endowment Fund” and specify the sub-fund in the memo space. To make a one-time or recurring gift online click GIVE ONLINE. Gifts of stock will be converted to cash and the value is added to the designated fund.

    There are several ways to contribute money directly to the Endowment Fund:

    • Checks or cash given to the church, designated to the Endowment Funds (and subfund).
    • Include it in the Green envelope given annually to parishioners.
    • Electronically via the St. Odilia Website.

    Bequest in Your Will or Estate Plan: A simple, easy way to make a permanent gift to St. Odilia is in your Will or estate plan. You may designate a specific dollar amount or percentage of the remainder of your estate as a gift to the St. Odilia Endowment Fund and/or the St. Odilia School Endowment Fund. Contact your attorney to create the appropriate legal document such as your Will or Trust Agreement, including changes to existing documents.

    Life Insurance or IRA Beneficiary Designations: You may name the St. Odilia Endowment Fund or St. Odilia School Endowment Fund as a full or partial beneficiary. Be sure to specify the appropriate ministry sub-fund. You can remember your parish community with a gift that does not tap into your current cash assets.