School Advisory Council

  • A School Council, composed of 12 school parents or engaged parish members, the principal, and faculty members meet on the third Tuesday of the month. This group is designed to assist the principal in decision-making. The goals of the School Council are:

     Primary Goals:

    • To continue to grow in our prime goal of building a faith community.
    • To continue to offer a strong educational program.
    • To continue to develop our service ministries.
    • To creatively look for ways to keep the enrichment of fine arts available to our student body.

    Secondary Goals:

    • To continue to research the needs and feasibility of support and teacher specialists to meet the individual needs of the student.
    • To seek ways to increase retention and enrollment.
    • To continue to implement recommendations from the self-study.

2021-2022 School Advisory Council Members

Name Status Term Ends
Ben Cattoor Member 2024
Megan Corcoran Member 2022
Allison Dirksen Chair 2023
Karen Gilray Staff -
Emily Holton Recorder 2022
Amy Lamb Vice-Chair 2023
Sandi Ling Member 2023
Teresa Marchek PLC Rep 2023
Sandy Kane Staff-Principal -
Brain McCool Member 2024
Lisa Montgomery Member 2022
MariPat Teigen Staff -
Jamie Walsh Member 2024
Marla Zitelman Member 2024


  • Chair
    Allison Dirksen

    Amy Lamb

    PLC Rep
    Teresa Marchek

    Emily Holton

    Staff Liason
    Sandy Kane