Parent Provided Transportation

  • Parents are responsible for the safety of students who are transported to and from school by a parent's personal vehicle.  Please follow these general procedures in regard to vehicle traffic flow and parking:

    • All students who are dropped off are to exit and enter only through the northwest school doors.
    • Parents may use the drop-off line for dropping off at the curb in front of the school, or they may park and have students walk from the parking lot.
    • Parents are responsible for students' safety when students walk between the school and vehicles, and must drive SLOWLY through the parking lot.
    • Students walking into school during morning drop-off time from parked vehicles in the northwest lot must cross through the coned off area just northwest of the school doors.  Students will NOT be allowed to cross to the sidewalk from any other parking area except at the crosswalk directly in front of the school doors.
    • Students waiting for parents during afternoon pickup must wait on the sidewalk.
    • NO parking or stopping along the yellow curb north of the parish center.

Pick-up and Drop-off Map

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