Roseville Busing

  • The following are guidelines for determining the busing situation from your address: 

    1. Live in the St. Odilia School busing boundaries and Roseville School District 623 boundaries - busing is free. However, secondary students (7th & 8th grade), living within 2 miles of school have a $200 per student charge for busing service.
    2. Live in the Roseville district, but outside St. Odilia School busing boundaries and child can walk safely to an existing bus stop - the busing is free depending upon the safety approval of Roseville Student Transportation authorities.
    3. Live outside the Roseville District boundaries but send your children to be bused from a daycare in the Roseville/St. Odilia busing boundary - busing may be provided but Roseville charges for this service. The cost for school year is $375/child.
    4. St. Odilia is charged by Roseville for busing costs between Roseville’s boundaries and St. Odilia School. This cost is currently paid by the school.
    5. The Roseville School District does not bus outside of its attendance area.
  • Roseville District busing provided by: Centerline Charter Corp.

    Phone: 651-482-1794