St. Odilia Busing

  • Background
    St. Odilia had previously contracted with the First Student Bus Company for two buses each school year. Due to higher than expected cost increases for the 2017-2018 school year, contracting for this service was no longer a sustainable option for our school. As a result, the school purchased two buses in the summer of 2017 to provide for the transportation needs of our out-of-district students. St. Odilia was blessed to receive a grant from the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence (CSCOE) to help us transition to running our own busing program. The grant allows us to subsidize some of our costs as we attempt to create a more sustainable busing system through the utilization of "common stops" on our routes. We will continue to offer driveway pick-up and drop-off for families that have used this method in the past. New families on the route may only use a driveway pick-up and drop-off if the addition to the route is feasible.

    Common Stops
    To create a more sustainable route by increasing the number of students on the bus without adding too much time, we provide an option to use the bus at a discounted price by using a common stop that several families can use. This stop might be at a park, business, or a current rider's driveway. The pick-up/drop-off location will be determined by analyzing the addresses of those who registered for common stops and will be assigned so that the stop will be within a few miles of each person's home. 

    Without the convenience of a driveway pick-up and drop-off, and with the generous grant from CSCOE, the cost for families that use a common stop bus will be  $92 per month for 9 months.  The price will be per family and allows the family to use the common stop as much or as little as needed. Due to parents needing to pick up their child(ren) at the common stop, we will use a method called "Eye-to-Eye" Transfer to ensure the safety of the students. Please see the detailed description of this method in the FAQs to the right.

    We plan on having one bus route in Blaine and another route that travels through Arden Hills, Lino Lakes, and Shoreview. If there is enough interest in others areas and it is geographically feasible, we will add other locations. Therefore, please register for the St. Odilia bus if you are interested even if you don't live in the above areas. Both routes will have a combination of common stops and driveway stops. The total time for each route depend on the number of stops, but will have a maximum time of approximately 60 minutes each way. We plan on using a first on, first off method when possible, but will employ the most efficient route to keep total time as low as possible. To help keep the overall route time manageable, those who request a driveway stop for the 2022-2023 school may have a stop that is not directly at the driveway, but rather walking distance for the students. Student age and the ability to walk safely to the stop will be taken into consideration when determining an appropriate stop.

    Costs for 2022-2023
    Costs for the 2022-2023 school year represent a 5% increase to keep up with increasing driver and fuel costs. Monthly payments will be added to your tuition bill starting in September. You will be billed September-May (9 monthly payments). 

    • $242/month- Driveway Pick-up/Drop-off (morning and afternoon)
    • $182/month- Driveway Pick-up/Drop-off (morning only or afternoon only)
    • $92/month- Common Stop Pick-up/Drop-off 


    Is the price per student or per family?
    The price is per family.

    How are we billed?
    Your tuition account will be billed starting in September, with the last payment due in May for a total of 9 payments.

    What if I decide to stop using the route in the middle of the year?
    You will be billed for any month that you utilize the bus. We will cancel billing for the following month. 

    How will common stops be determined?
    Addresses from those families who register by June 30th will determine stops that are safe and keep the timing of the route in line with expectations.

    Will I need to drive my child(ren) to the common stop?
    While we won't know the location of common stops until registration is completed, it is likely that most families will need to drive to the common stops. 

    What happens if a parent does not show up to the common stop for afternoon pick up?
    St. Odilia will follow a policy known as "Eye-to-Eye" Transfer. Parents of older students may request that their child(ren) be able to walk to their home from the common stop.

    "Eye-to-Eye" Transfer - Bus driver will have eye-to-eye contact with parent or other designated adult before releasing student from the bus. 

    The Eye-to-Eye Transfer Method requires a parent/designated adult to receive your child/ren at the scheduled drop off location every day. It should be understood that if; for any reason, the parent/designated adult is not at the bus stop at the scheduled time the bus will wait no more than 2 minutes depending on traffic impact before proceeding on with the remainder of the route. Your child(ren) would be kept on the bus - the driver would then return your student to St. Odilia School's Knight Watch program at the end of the route. Parents would be billed for Knight Watch accordingly.