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    Nomination Form for Parish Leadership 2022- 2023

    In gratitude for the gifts you have been given, consider servant leadership as a member of one of our St. Odilia Ministry Area Councils. The organizational structure of the council is based on a strong lay-leadership component that recognizes the gifts that our parishioners bring to our community.
    Parish Leader
    Consensus decision-making is supported by participation in open and respectful dialogue at all levels of leadership. The principle of subsidiarity is incorporated into the nine Ministry Area Councils and the overarching Parish Leadership Council (PLC) that functions in partnership with staff to develop policies and programming that support the parish mission. At the heart of the structure is the process of collaboration between and among the Ministry Area Councils and the PLC. The PLC is the leadership group that coordinates and reviews the activities of the nine Ministry Area Councils and is responsible for policies and procedures of a parish-wide scope. A representative of each MAC is appointed to serve as a member of the PLC. This process is supported by the design and intentionality of the monthly meeting format that incorporates both prayer and sharing of ideas prior to the council meetings.

    Nomination and Discernment Process
    Our leadership structure enables over 90 people to be in leadership positions at any given time.  The mechanism of term limits has about one-third turnover each year.  With this planned rotation of council members, there are typically 30 positions open each year.  The process for nomination and discernment includes the following:

    Nomination - “The Calling Forth of Gifts”

    • You are invited to submit names of parishioners, including yourself, whom you feel would serve our community as a council member. Nomination forms are available in the church foyer and can also be submitted online HERE.

    Informational Sessions

    • An Information Meeting about the Councils is scheduled for Sunday, April 24, 2022 at 10:15 a.m. in the Parish Conference Room. At that time, more specific details about the councils, member job descriptions, training, etc. will be provided.

    Personal Prayer

    • Becoming involved in a leadership position calls for spiritual discernment, a process which requires quiet personal reflection. Allow yourself opportunities to prayerfully reflect on your personal gifts and how the Spirit of God is calling you to use those gifts.  All parishioners are invited to pray for those who will participate in the Evening of Discernment which is planned for May 17, 2022.

    Discernment Evening

    • Those parishioners who have been nominated and who are willing to serve will be invited to participate in our Evening of Discernment on May 17, 2022 which will begin with a gathering in the church at 6:30pm. Nominees will then be sent forth to the council meeting rooms for discussion and discernment with the ministry area council members.

    Nomination Form for Parish Leadership 2022-2023