What is the St. Odilia School Endowment Fund?

    The St. Odilia School Endowment Fund was established to provide a perpetual source of income for the support of St. Odilia School.  The fund is a repository for financial gifts. The original gift is never spent while part of the income earned is distributed to support the work of the school. Since the principal (the original gift) is never spent, it continues to earn income "in perpetuity" which provides a continuing benefit to St. Odilia School year after year ... forever!


    How does the St. Odilia School Endowment support St. Odilia School?

    The St. Odilia School Endowment Fund distributes a percentage of each year’s earnings that support St. Odilia School in two ways:

    • School General Needs – Strengthens the quality of programs, staffing and instructional materials at St. Odilia School

    Some examples of St. Odilia School projects that have been made possible through Endowment Fund distributions include: video surveillance equipment, classroom projectors, Smart Boards, storage lockers, iPads, CPR equipment, cafeteria tables, PE equipment, water bottle fountains, choir risers, art materials, student desks and chairs, remodel “B” wing, classroom remodels. (Click the link to view a slideshow that shows how St. Odilia School and other St. Odilia ministries have benefitted from the endowment fund distributions over the past 30 years)

    • Connor Anderson School Scholarship Fund

    The Connor Anderson Scholarship Fund was established in 2007 in remembrance of Connor Anderson, a St. Odilia School first grade student who lost his life due to a heart condition.  Through a generous contribution from an anonymous donor, the Connor Anderson School Scholarship Fund was established to provide tuition assistance for families who desire a Catholic education. This scholarship fund has continued to grow through additional contributions from school and parishioner familes.

    Grateful Today – Planning for tomorrow

    The St. Odilia School Endowment Fund provides a sustainable source of income that has provided over $400,000 in distributions and support to St. Odilia School. A gift given today will continue to benefit St. Odilia School forever. To learn more of how you can make a gift that will continue giving for generations to come, please contact Ramona Michaels at 651-415-3350 or email endowmentfund@stodilia.org.