Stewardship of Generosity

  • Stewardship involves resolving to be generous with all our gifts. Not just the ones we choose.  Throughout the Gospels, Jesus challenged us to give as it has been given to us. Aware of our tremendous financial blessings, we strive to give generously to support the building up of God's kingdom. Your generosity provided the funding to maintain operations and support our ministries that allow St. Odilia to realize its' mission. Below is a chart that shows the percentage breakdown of financial contributions to St. Odilia in the 2020 Fiscal Year.

    Pie chart of financial spending of parishioner contributions

Other Financial Contributions to St. Odilia

  • Parishioners also contributed to the St. Odilia Endowment Fund and St. Odilia School Endowment Fund in order to provide a sustainable source of income to support and enhance the mission of the Parish and School. Distributions from the Endowment Funds provide additional financial resources to support our parish ministries.

    Continued support was also given by Parishioners to reduce the debt associated with the Building Expansion project that was completed in 2018.

Generosity in the Greater Community

  • The Catholic Community of St. Odilia is blessed with generous parishioners who support many worthy causes and charities. We support the:

    • Campaign of Human Development
    • Youth Ministry
    • Charity Fund
    • Food Shelf
    • Missionary Appeal
    • Religious Retirement
    • Social Justice Ministries
    • Global Solidarity