Cemetery & Columbarium

  • The Saint Odilia Prayer Garden includes three columbaria, above-ground pillars with niches for cremated remains, as well as traditional in-ground burial plots. Each columbarium in our St. Odilia prayer Garden has its carefully chosen name etched in a prominent place.

St. Francis Columbarium

  • The first columbarium erected  (the round columbarium) was named and blessed “St. Francis” for a couple of reasons.  St. Francis is the patron of the environment and it is our hope that the natural beauty in our Prayer Garden will inspire and enhance the prayer of those spending time in that sacred place.  We also chose the name to honor our Pope Francis and his vision for our Church and our planet. 

St. Clare Columbarium

  • The second columbarium was named “St. Clare” in honor of the companion in ministry of St. Francis.  Together they founded the Franciscan Order which to this day models for us simplicity of lifestyle and selfless care for one another and our earth.

St. Monica Columbarium

  • The third columbarium honors our Crosier heritage as a Parish with the name “St. Monica”.  The Crosier Fathers and Brothers have followed the Rule of St. Monica’s son St. Augustine for centuries.  They also receive their Crosier habit and pronounce their vows on the Feasts of St. Monica and St. Augustine.  It was the many years that St. Monica spent in prayer for her son that lead to his conversion and ultimately his many gifts to the Church.  How perfect to have a model of prayer remembered in our own Prayer Garden.