Forming parishes that are in the service of evangelization.

  • Creating welcoming parishes

    How can we make our parish more welcoming and accessible? Do people feel excluded from parish life? How can we address them? What have we learned from livestreaming parish events to build inclusion?

    Collaborating in parish ministry

    How can we promote more ownership of parish activities? How can we call forth the various gifts God has given us in order to strengthen our parish? How can parishioners be involved in setting a vision for our parish? How do we assess our performance? How can our community provide consistency through leadership changes?

    Reviewing the liturgy and Sunday experience

    How can Sunday liturgies more completely satisfy spiritual needs and send us forth in service? How should we address the needs of multicultural/multilingual communities at Mass? Are there ways to create an Archdiocesan liturgical identity so we can feel at home in any of our parishes? What would be important components of that identity?

    Parishes becoming the "central driving force" of evangelization

    How do we create a parish community committed to discipleship; spreading God's Word and inspiring others to discover Catholicism? How can our Parish teach us to be evangelizers, especially in homes and neighborhoods? What are parish practices that have worked to bring Catholics back to the church or in attracting new members?

    Bringing the Message of the Gospel into our communities

    How can parishes be instruments of Christ's healing? How do we transform parishes to be attentive to the needs of others and to engage in the work of justice and racial equality?