Forming missionary disciples who know Jesus’ love and respond to his call.

  • Encountering Jesus

    What resources and experiences facilitate the personal encounter with Christ that is at the heart of missionary discipleship? What are concrete ways that our Church can credibly proclaim the core message of our faith (the “kerygma”) in ways that lead to real conversion?

    Tools to foster discipleship

    How can we offer meaningful life-long formation for discipleship? What are useful resources and experiences for learning how to pray, especially with sacred Scripture? What retreat experiences have borne fruit? How can we encourage faith-sharing in small groups? How can we encourage mentoring in the life of virtue and accompaniment at difficult moments?

    Enhancing adult formation

    How can we promote a deepening in our understanding of the content of our faith? How can we more effectively meet the need for adult faith formation?

    Fostering the universal call to holiness

    How do we deepen our understanding of the family as the domestic Church and our appreciation of marriage as a path for life-long sanctification? How can the Church better accompany couples in living out their vocation throughout their marriage? How can we be more responsive to the spiritual needs of those who are single, separated or divorced, or widowed?

    Joyful service as a Gospel imperative

    How do we strengthen the tie between discipleship, love for neighbor, and joyful service? How can we encourage individuals to manifest their faith in their works? How can we promote a greater sensitivity and response to the needs of others?