Forming youth and young adults in and for a Church that is always young.

  • Supporting parents as primary educators

    How can we better assist parents in forming children as disciples who know and love Jesus and his Church?

    Helping the young encounter Jesus

    How do we give pre-teens a personal encounter with Jesus that fosters spiritual growth? How about teenagers? How should we teach them to pray or help them grow in virtue?

    Education at the service of encountering Christ

    How can Catholic schools and religious education programs more effectively facilitate a relationship with Jesus? Do our sacramental preparation programs open young hearts to God’s grace and call?

    Ministry to millennials

    How can we minister more effectively to college-age Catholics and single young adults? How about young married couples and young families?

    Rethinking structures of young adult ministry

    What should be the role of peer ministry and young adult leadership in this apostolate? Is there a need for a more regionalized approach? What are avenues for developing young leadership and opening Church structures to the insights of young adults? How can we better use social media to nourish young adults?