Pastoral Care Collections

  • Collection of diapers, formula, baby clothes, baby toys, maternity items, (see flyer on the crib) for Birthright—an organization that helps women in crisis pregnancies. We use the crib in the Church as a visible sign of our commitment to help those in need.

    Activities include:

    • Participation in Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative
    • Sponsoring Baby Bottle Fundraiser –collection for Women’s Life Care Center
    • Co-sponsoring with K of C a Memorial For The Unborn Bench in the Prayer Garden
    • Providing an Abiders’ Basket (filled with prayer books, rosaries, reading materials on dying for children and adults) to St. Therese at St. Odilia and other items necessary to support the residence
    • Collect items for gift bags for birth mother retreats at Bella
    • Present pro-life information to faith formation/confirmation students