• Just the Facts

    +Did you know that St. Odilia has a 10:1 student to licensed teacher and support staff ratio for almost all grades? Our local school district’s average is 15:1.
    +Did you know that 80% of our teachers have a Master's degree?
    +Did you know that St. Odilia students’ average standardized test scores in Math, Reading, and Language are more than a full grade level above national norms?
    +Academic accountability matters, but so does interacting with teachers! Did you know that students in our surrounding school districts spend 25-35% more class time taking standardized tests than St. Odilia students?
    +Did you know that St. Odilia graduates have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 at a local Catholic high school?
    +Did you know that over the past 5 years, students that graduated from St. Odilia School and attended a local Catholic high school averaged an ACT score of 24.5, which is higher than local districts, state, and national averages?
    +Did you know that St. Odilia students spent over 1000 hours giving back to the community through service projects last year?
    +Did you know that we have a Kindergarten and 8th-grade buddy program where these students are paired up and learn from each other once a week?
    +Did you know that we provide tuition assistance for 25 percent of our school families, and the average award is 66 percent of the cost of tuition?
    +Did you know that St. Odilia has a structured and defined Enrichment Program for students performing above grade level?
    +Did you know that St. Odilia has four dedicated staff members to meet the needs of students who don’t qualify for a school district’s Individual Educational Plan, but still need help to reach their full potential?
    +Did you know that we have a 1:1 iPad program for all students in grades 5-8 and multiple mobile laptops and iPad carts for all other students to use regularly?
    +Did you know that last year we had a 96% retention rate of current students?
    +Did you know that St. Odilia increased its enrollment last year by 7% and that this year we welcomed 18 transfer students and over 120 transfer students in the past four years?

    +Did you know that graduates our graduates leave high school with an average of over 15 college credits? 
    +Did you know that we focus on educating the whole-child by focusing just as much on the three C’s - Character, Compassion, and Christ - as we do on the three R’s - reading, writing, and arithmetic?