• The LEGO Knights

    Congratulations to The LEGO Knights on making it to the 2016-17 State Tournament!
    Robotics Club
    St. Odilia School will be starting up the robotics club this spring for students going into grades 4 through 8 next school year! This is a chance for students and parents to get more "hands-on" time with the LEGO robots! The first thing they get to do is build a robot from instructions. By building a basic robot they get an idea of how to build a sturdy and stable robot. When finished, students will start programming the robot to accomplish some pre-determined tasks. Those students with less experience will be working with the more basic commands while more advanced students will be working with more complex programming.

    We will continue to stress the "Core Values" from the robotics league and work towards developing teams for the competition season next year! 

    Any students or parents interested in participating should contact Mr. Booth (booth@stodilia.org, or 651-415-3309)

    Lego League Robotics Competition Teams
    Contact: Mr. Booth, booth@stodilia.org  



    Lego league is a fun and exciting way for students to learn about and come up with potential solutions to real-world problems.  Each year there is a "Theme" that teams will need to research and learn more about.  From their research, they will identify current problems or difficulties within that "Theme".  Teams will then try to develop a possible solution to one of the problems or difficulties and create a 5-minute presentation of their findings.  

    Where do the LEGOs fit in?  Well, that's the really fun part!  From the "Theme" a challenge table is created with many different tasks for the students to complete. Using LEGOs and a programmable brick, students engineer a robot and program it to complete the different tasks!

    Any student in grades 4 through 8 is eligible to join a St. Odilia Robotics Competition Team. Students do NOT need to be in the same grade to be on the same team. In order to have more than 2 teams, parents are needed to help coach. No prior technology experience or knowledge is required. (Please contact Mr. Booth if you are interested in helping to coach a team.)

    Please visit the First Lego League website for more information about the program or visit the High Tech Kids website for more information about the local events and competition information!

    Competition Results
    Teams are scored in 5 areas: Robot programming and design are combined to make up 25% of the overall score. A research presentation teams put together is another 25%. There is a teamwork score for the third 25%. How well the robots complete established "Missions" makes up the final 25%.