• Adult Faith Formation 

    Our parish offers a variety of programs throughout the year including Small Groups, Faith Studies, Retreats, and RCIA. Listen for pulpit announcements and watch this website, the bulletin and the St. Odilia Messenger for information about upcoming events.

    Join a Small Group 

    This year St. Odilia had the opportunity to hear from you, the parishioners, about your desires and needs for our parish community.  Through examination of the Synod Small group consultation process, the faith formation survey, and the Discipleship Maker Index there was one response area which time and time again was clearly expressed, that is, the desire for small groups for faith sharing.  In response to this desire for small group ministry, we have decided to partner with a ministry called Reachmore.  Reachmore gives our staff the tools to form leaders in the parish with practical training and resources for effective small group ministry, and to equip our lay people with formation for their life as a disciple.  We are in need of many leaders and volunteers for this task, and we ask you to prayerfully consider if God may be calling you to be part of a group or to lead one.  If you are interested in being part of a small group, leading a group, or just learning more please fill out the Small Group inquiry form below.

    Small Group Inquiry Form 

    Get FORMED.org 

    Formed.org offers online Catholic study programs, movies, ebooks, and audio downloads from top Catholic presenters.  There is something for every age including family movies.  Watch as an individual, as a couple, family or form a small group.  You can grow in your faith in a profound and meaningful way. St. Odilia has purchased a shareable subscription to an online catholic resource that you'll find to be invaluable. 

    St. Odilia has purchased a shareable subscription to an online catholic resource that you’ll find to be invaluable as you seek to grow in your faith.  To access our subscription, go to www.formed.org

    • Select “I Belong to a Church or Organization”
    • You will be instructed to Create an Account.  Under the Find your Parish, enter St. Odilia into the search bar and select by hitting Next
    • You can then enter your name and email address to complete the access. 
    • Formed will send you an email invitation for you to click and then you are in! 

    Some great resources to check out on Formed.org:

    Symbolon – 20 videos and study guide for you to study the catholic faith

    Reborn – 3 videos to recall and remind about the great importance of the Sacrament of Baptism

    The Search – A NEW video series by Chris Stephanic (author of Chosen Confirmation Program)

    The Eucharist – Understand in depth this great gift and mystery given to us sacramentally

    RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) 

    Are you looking to become Catholic? Maybe you have never been baptized or were baptized in a different Christian tradition, or perhaps you received Baptism as a child in the Catholic Church but never received your First Communion or Confirmation. If any of these strike a chord with you, then RCIA is the place for you! Click here to enter the RCIA homepage for full details.