Registration Now Open

  • Registration for Wednesday evening Family Faith Formation, First Communion, and RCIC 


    Parents will need to fill out one registration per child. 

    First Communion Who is it for?

    This registration is for anyone with children in grades k-6 who is seeking Family Faith Formation, First Communion, or Baptism for ages 7+ (also known as RCIC). Our Family Faith Formation program is a family-based catechetical program that helps families grow in the transforming love of God by understanding and living the Catholic Faith.

    Monthly Sessions:

    The families meet once a month, September through May, for grade level catechesis and adult formation in the courtyard. Then, in the weeks to follow, your family explores the week's topic at an age-appropriate level using the resources from the packet that you pick up on the family formation night. These lessons allow your family to learn through activities based on the lessons from Sunday Mass, thereby immersing your family in the Church's liturgical year.


    $100 per child
    Family Max: $300
    First Communion or RCIC Sacramental fee: $50

What is Family Faith Formation?

  • Family Formation’s catechesis model combines monthly Classroom Lessons with weekly Home Lessons.

    Classroom Lessons

    Once a month, students in Grades K-6 meet in classes, divided by grade level, where trained catechists present the lessons.  Parents gather as a separate groups where they learn the content for the upcoming month.  This adult component is key to the transmission of Faith in the home.

    Home Lessons

    Parents, equipped with materials and an understanding of the weekly lessons, teach their children the Faith. Weekly home lessons have been developed for two age groups: Preschoolers, and children in Grades K-6. These age-appropriate lessons cover the same weekly topic.  Have been developed for two age groups: Preschoolers and children in Grades K-6. These age-appropriate lessons cover the same weekly topic. Lessons immerse families into the life and seasons of the Church and cooperate with the liturgical cycle. Learning is made fun through the use of games, activities, stories, memory verses, quizzes, and audios/music.



    Family Faith  
    Growing in faith together.
    Using the Family Formation program, families gather at the church monthly for age-appropriate formation.
    At the family formation night each month, families receive a packet of three weekly lessons, which bring the whole family together to study and apply to their day-to-day family life.
    Praying together
    We have opportunities for families to celebrate the Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
    Serving together

    Families come together to learn and serve throughout the year. 
    Family Service Night

    This model provides parents with the tools they need to share the Good News and the beauty of the Catholic Faith with their children and to form them into true disciples of Jesus Christ.

    Through engaging, down-to-earth, easy to understand lessons and activities, Family Formation brings parishes and families together to learn their Faith in joy and with excitement. This shared learning experience develops traditions and spills over into families’ everyday lives—incorporating the Catholic Faith becomes a way of life! 

    Questions? Please contact Georgia Mundis at or 651-415-3349