• Special Education Services

    At St. Odilia, we are sincere when we say we strive to meet the needs of every child. When a student is struggling, we have strategies and interventions in place to help a child meet their full potential. Our academic support team monitors student progress and identifies children who may need additional services, academic support, or supplemental assistance in the classroom. This can include referral for Mounds View Special Education Services, St. Odilia-provided accommodation plans, small group instruction with reading or math coaches, or grading modifications.

    We know that quality academic support from trained professionals gives students who may struggle the best opportunity to maximize their potential. We aim to support these students not only academically, but also emotionally. We have a wide network of experts to consult and involve when needed. We also partner with parents, working as a team to ensure their child’s academic success.

    The Student Services Coordinator along with reading and math coaches provide focused instruction to students in kindergarten through eighth grade in small groups for students who need extra help but do not qualify for services through the Mounds View Public School district. Students who qualify for services through the district receive instruction on site provided by Mounds View School District Special Education Department teachers.  

    Mrs. Lindsay Aeikens - Part Time MV Special Ed Teacher 
    Mrs. Shelly Havran - Student Services Coordinator  
    Email: havran@stodilia.org                                        
    Mrs. Judy Donovan - Reading Specialist 
    Email: donovan@stodilia.org    
    Mrs. Brianne Oachs- MV Speech Language Pathologist
    Mrs. Rachel Mauer - Grades K-4 Math Specialist   
    Email: mauer@stodilia.org                                   
    Mrs. Erica Marshall  - MV Special Ed Teacher
    Email: marshall@stodilia.org
    Mrs. Kate Rusch - Grades 2 - 5 Reading and Enrichment Specialist
    We work together to help your child shine!