• Catholic preschools offer something special: a Christ-centered education focused on excellence. They form the intellect through academic excellence, the heart through prayer and service, and the will through morality.

    Catholic preschools not only inform students, but also form and transform hearts, minds, and souls to enter the world with a complete and integrated vision of life. When you walk in the door you will notice that it looks and feels different than other preschools. Children respect their teachers, students treat each other with kindness, and we are a community!

    + Safe, respectful environments.

    + Small class sizes.

    + Academic excellence.

    + An ethic of service.

    + Individual attention in a caring community.

    These are just a few of the many reasons why families choose and fall in love with Faithful Beginnings at St. Odilia School. The children in the St. Odilia Preschool enjoy being a part of the larger St. Odilia School community. Preschoolers enjoy spending time with their school-age buddies, exercising their large muscles in gym class, listening to stories in the library, and singing like angels with our music teacher. Our preschoolers attend age-appropriate activities in the larger school setting. All potty-trained 3-5-year-olds are welcome at the preschool, regardless of religious affiliation. All are welcome and contribute to an outstanding learning culture.

  • Mrs. Hannon

    Preschool Director- Mrs. Kay Hannon 

    Kay is a licensed early childhood teacher and has a degree in child psychology and a master's degree in educational leadership.                                     

    She has spent her entire career working with young children and their families.

    She has been the director of the St. Odilia Preschool since it opened in 2010.