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    St. Odilia is a Christian learning environment that recognizes each student as a valued member of our environment. Team sports help students grow and develop physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Within team sports, players have the opportunity to have fun, build a positive self-image, enjoy being a member of a team, learn the skill of the game, and to play the game. The expectations of the players and coaches are that the players learn the rules of the game, play the game, attend practices, and make a commitment to the team.


    Students are encouraged to have fun, enjoy the sport, feel good about their participation, and be given the opportunity to compete at their own skill level. Teams are determined by the availability of facilities and personnel to operate the individual programs.

    Winter Sports Update  

    With COVID-19 safety protocols and procedures in place, St. Odilia Athletics will be offering basketball but not swimming & diving or hockey this winter. Our procedures will meet or exceed those of the MSHSL, which are in line with both the CDC and the Minnesota Health Department. The Catholic Athletic Association has made the decision to have a limited basketball season for the 2021 winter.

    We need to know if we will have enough students to participate in the CAA basketball season before we proceed. Therefore, we are requesting that all registrations be completed by January 4, 2021.  Late Registrations will not be accepted.

    Under the CAA league, teams will stay within their own grades allowing for separate boys and girls teams. Practices will be once a week with specific team instructions. Practice nights are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and will be coordinated with the coaches.  Games will be once a week typically Mondays, Wednesdays and some Thursdays. Games will also follow the specific CAA rules and home team facility instructions, such as COVID-19 screening and temperature checks. There will be specific rules and guidelines for each school that will be easy to access on the CAA web site. 

    Each family is required to sign the CAA COVID-19 waiver. All students and parents will also be required to sign a Code of Conduct before the season begins. One form must be completed for each athlete. The fee is $85.00 for the season and it will be billed through TADS. It will be applied once the official season begins.  It is important for us to share that if this CAA league option gets cancelled, we will be offering an In-house option in its place.   

    Shirts and shorts are provided as uniforms. Athletes need to return their uniforms within 2 weeks after the season is completed or there will be an assessed $30.00 fee.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience during these ever changing times.  All questions can be directed to:

    Megan Corcoran
    Athletic Director


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