•  A Community in Service to Others


    St. Odilia School students and staff are called to share God’s love with others. As we look at the ways God loves us, we see how God wants us to love each other. We must be willing to lay aside what we are doing and happily help others. We are called to show others God’s love and mercy. We are called to put others’ needs before our own, making our world a place of love and justice for all people. St. Odilia School students and staff are committed to sharing God’s love through our willingness to reach out to those in need of God’s touch. One way we do this is through our involvement in and commitment to service. Many school service projects include the entire school community while others are planned and carried out at specific grade levels. We are called to walk in the path of Christ, reaching out to God’s people and praying so that all people may know God’s desire for them to lead lives filled with care and love.


    Student Volunteer Opportunities

    There are many volunteer opportunities for our students here at St. Odilia School. Please contact your child's teacher for more information. Most of these opportunities are available to our Middle School students to help achieve points for earning a middle school blue sweatshirt. There are other opportunities for younger students to volunteer through the extracurricular activities at St. Odilia School and Church.

    • Work Scoreboard at Various Sports Activities 
    • Library Helper 
    • Choir 
    • Office Helper 
    • Babysitting 
    • Parent Appreciation/Graduation Helper 
    • Men's Club Pancake Breakfast Helper 
    • Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts 
    • Girl Scouts/Brownies 
    • 8th Grade Buddies 
    • 5th Grade Buddies 
    • Parent Greeters 
    • Run Slides for Liturgical Events