• St. Odilia School Counseling Services

    Our Counselors

    Mrs. Wendy Schaller - School Counselor
    Office Hours:  Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-4pm
    Phone: 651-415-3340
    Dr. Steve Kahn - Psychologist
    Phone: 651-426-4297
    Website:  www.drstevekahn.com                                                                  
    Dr. Jules Nolan - Psychologist
    Phone: 651-426-4297
    Website:  www.drstevekahn.com 
    Wendy's, Steve's, and Jules' services are available to St.Odilia families free of charge.  We welcome your calls whatever the reason.  Typical requests for our services fall under the following categories:
    • Counseling - we are able to meet with any student for any reason with parent permission.
    • Classroom Presentations and Groups - we provide classroom presentations on just about any topic and can offer groups focusing on grief issues, family change, social skills, and academic skills.
    • Testing - We will usually provide testing services directly such as assessments and diagnostic evaluations for developmental issues that affect school performance.  If there is a need for something outside our areas of expertise, we will help St. Odilia families find exactly what is needed.

    Our school contracts with Phoenix School Counseling for counseling services. Dr. Steve Kahn is the founder of this group that now works in 25 Catholic schools throughout the greater Twin Cities area. Counselors are available to meet individually with students upon parent request and to provide classroom guidance sessions on any needed topic. Testing is available for attention, learning or emotional concerns. Dr. Kahn is available for individual meetings or phone calls with parents on any matter pertaining to children and parenting. He is the author of a well-regarded book on parenting, Insightful Parenting: Making Moments Count. There is never a charge for any service from Dr. Kahn or his counselors as they are included as part of your tuition.





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    Columns by Dr. Steve Kahn addressing a variety of parenting topics.