• St. Odilia School Counseling Services

    Our Counselors

    Mrs. Marissa McClure - School Counselor
    Phone: 651-415-3324
    Dr. Jules Nolan - Psychologist
    Phone: 651-426-4297
    Website: www.phoenixschoolcounseling.com

    Our school contracts with Phoenix School Counseling for counseling services. Counselors are available to meet individually with students upon parent request and to provide classroom guidance sessions on any needed topic. Testing is available for attention, learning or emotional concerns. Dr. Nolan is available for individual meetings or phone calls with parents on any matter pertaining to children and parenting.  There is never a charge for any service from *Dr. Nolan or her counselors as they are included as part of your tuition.

    Before reaching out to Dr. Nolan, we recommend you talk with our school counselor.  She writes to you: 

    My name is Marissa McClure and this will be my second year as the K-8 School Counselor at St. Odilia. I’m excited to announce that I will be with St. Odilia 5 DAYS a week this year! I am ecstatic to offer my services M-F at St. Odilia! My office is located in the Student Learning Lab, room 2319. 

    What is my Role as a School Counselor? 

    As a School Counselor I focus on 3 domains: Academic, Career/College, & Social/Emotional. My goal is to help all students get the most out of school. 

     How Can the School Counselor Assist Parents/Guardians? 

    • Exploring ways to help your child succeed 
    • Improving parent-child communications 
    • Referrals for community sources 
    • Understanding the developmental changes of childhood 
    • Information to help understand your child’s unique needs

    What are Some Ways the School Counselor Can Help Students? 

    • Working out friendship problems 
    • Setting goals 
    • Working well with others 
    • Feeling good about themselves 
    • Adjusting to a new school 
    • Learning how to make decisions 
    • Managing feelings (stress, worry, anger, etc.) 
    • Dealing with peer pressure and bullying  
    • and more… 

    What Services does the School Counselor Provide at School? 

    • Classroom Presentations (coping skills, emotions, goal setting, healthy relationships, etc.) 
    • Group Counseling (grief, divorce, friendship, social skills, study skills, etc.) 
    • Brief Individual Counseling (6-8 Weeks)  
    • Parent Consultations 
    • Community Resource Referrals 

    How Can You Refer Your Student for Counseling? 

    If you would like your student to meet with me individually, please contact me via email or phone and I will send a student referral form to you. As a reminder, I offer short-term 6–8 week individual counseling sessions.  

    *Dr. Nolan is a psychologist, author, speaker, and the owner of Phoenix School Counseling LLC, a private practice that serves non-public schools with counselors, consulting, and training services.  She is the past president of the Minnesota School Psychology Association and recently co-authored a college textbook on adolescent development: Real World, Real Challenges: Adolescent Development in Contemporary Society. Dr. Nolan serves schools and families with mental/behavioral health, school performance, and social/emotional learning needs.