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    (See School Policy 5111: Admission/Registration)

    St. Odilia School has and adheres to an admission policy created and updated by the School Council. Any child is eligible to attend St. Odilia School, as it is our policy not to refuse admission based on race, sex, creed, or place of origin. The school administration is committed to working with parents during the admission process so they have all relevant information regarding the educational program at St. Odilia School.

    Communications from school in the form of handouts, newsletters and other written information sent to the primary email address every Wednesday. Items that cannot be sent electronically will be sent home to each family with the youngest student attending school. On occasion, there are handouts given to every student.

    St. Odilia School maintains a website for the school where announcements, school newsletters, PAA meeting minutes, School Council meeting minutes, this handbook and other important information can be obtained. 

    St. Odilia also communicates with parents via the school website, email to the primary email address provided, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

    St. Odilia School’s student information system, PowerSchool, has an online parent communication component. Information, usernames, and passwords will be given out every fall when the system is updated and the information is in place to ensure reliability.

    Student Classroom Assignment
    The assignment of a student to the classroom of a specific teacher is a decision made exclusively by the school administration in coordination with the teaching staff.
    Careful consideration is made in regards to class size, gender ratio, and social development.

    As a general policy St. Odilia teachers and administrators do not accept requests from parents for their child to be placed in a specific teacher’s class. 

    The following protocol is used by the staff and administration when placing students in classes:

    • Is there a particular teacher whose style is best for a student?
    • Is (are) there any student(s) a student should not be with to create a more positive learning environment?
    • Is (are) there any particular student(s) a student should be with to create a more positive learning environment?
    • Are there any other extenuating circumstance that need to be considered?

    In cases where a child has special needs, requests that address that need are considered. All such requests must be made in writing to the school principal. Only the principal may grant an exception to this procedure.

     Tuition Payments

    (See School Policy 3240: Tuition Responsibility)
    (See School Policy 3240.1: Registration Fee)
    (See School Policy 3240.2: Tuition Refund)
    (See School Policy 3240.3: Financial Assistance)
    (See School Policy 3241: Four or more children)

    Our school is financed through a combination of parish subsidy, tuition, and donations. A family may apply for financial aid. Tuition information may be obtained from the school office. Tuition is handled through an online program, Smart Tuition, and payments may be made via ACH, credit card, or mail-in.

    Students are transported by bus or parents will provide transportation. We have no provision for students walking to school. Parents are responsible for the safe arrival of students who do not ride a bus to the school doors.

    Busing: Bus transportation to and from St. Odilia is furnished by the Mounds View School District for students residing within both the Mounds View School District and our busing boundaries. There is a fee for busing within the Mounds View attendance area for those who reside within a two mile radius of the school. Transportation for students residing within both the Roseville District and our busing boundaries is provided by the Roseville School District. The Roseville School District does charge a fee for students seventh grade and up that reside within a two-mile radius of the school. Bus service for those not residing in the above areas is available in some areas via two St. Odilia buses. There is a fee for this service. For information and details, please visit the busing section of the school website. It can be found under the ‘Parent Resources’ tab and then ‘Busing.’

    Transportation Reimbursement
    Residents of certain school districts who send their children to St. Odilia may be eligible for transportation reimbursement from the school district of residence. At the end of each school year, these school districts pass the responsibility to distribute the transportation reimbursement to individual families on to St. Odilia. St. Odilia receives a lump sum check from these districts with a list of families and the amount of reimbursement, which is typically based on the distance from the family’s house to the border of the district. Since St. Odilia is tasked with the responsibility to process and record each transaction, St. Odilia will charge a $20 administrative fee per family reimbursement. In the event that the reimbursement is less than $20, a check will not be issued. Any past due amounts for tuition or school-related fees will also be deducted prior to issuing the transportation reimbursement check. 

    Transportation Notes: Anytime a student’s usual transportation method is changed the student must have a permission note from their parent/guardian. The note must indicate the bus and/or the person by which the child will be transported. This note will be given to the student’s teacher upon arrival at school. The Mounds View School District does not allow students who do not have a bus pass for that specific bus to ride home with a student who does ride that bus. However, students may ride home with another student on a Roseville or charter transportation. 

    Parent Transportation
    Parents are responsible for the safety of students who are transported to and from school by a parent’s personal vehicle. Procedures and directions must be followed with regard to vehicle traffic flow and parking. The following are general procedures:

    • Parents are responsible for students’ safety when students walk between the school and vehicles and must drive SLOWLY through the parking lot.
    • Students walking into school during morning drop-off time from parked vehicles must cross through the coned-off area just north of the school doors. Students will NOT be allowed to cross to the sidewalk from any other parking area without an adult escort, and then only in the crosswalk directly in front of the school doors.
    • Students waiting for parents must wait on the sidewalk west of the bike racks.
    • NO parking or stopping along the yellow curb north of the parish center.
    • There will be NO parking or stopping in the handicap areas without a permit. 

    Click here to read the specific ARRIVAL & DISMISSAL plans for the 2022-2023 school year

    Arrival Map
    Dismissal Map

    Students can arrive at school from 9:05 - 9:15 am.  Please wait with your child(ren) outside until the main doors open at 9:05 am.  Students need to be seated by 9:20 am or they will be marked tardy.  Morning announcements are at 9:25 am. 


    School is dismissed at 3:55. It is the parents' responsibility to arrange transportation home for their children. Unless prior arrangements have been made, each child must be picked up no later than 4:10. Students that have not been picked up by this time will be taken to St. Odilia's after-school program, Knight Watch, and parents will be invoiced accordingly.