• St. Odilia 2019 Marathon

    The St. Odilia Marathon is a community fundraiser with events for the whole family. A Marathon PDF package is available to download at the bottom of this page. To celebrate our great community, we hope for everyone’s participation on Marathon Day!! 


    (You don't need a student to pledge - we gratefully accept donations too!
    You DO NOT need a PayPal account.) 

    NOTE: All ONLINE and Smart Tuition pledges must be made by Thursday, October 17th to count towards class totals. Pledge collection days for checks and paper pledge forms are on Thursday, October 10th, and Tuesday, October 14th.

    Join us! Marathon Day at Central Park in Roseville
    Oct 5th, 8:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.
    This is one of the few opportunities for the entire school to engage itself with the larger Catholic community. Many other Catholic schools participate in the Marathon for Non-Public Education on October 5th, 2019 in Roseville. This event is sponsored by the Minnesota Knights of Columbus.

    Click HERE for information on donations and prizes.
    St. Odilia has set our goal to raise $60,000 through this year’s Marathon. The funds raised help to offset the cost of tuition and pay for many school enhancements. 
    Funds are placed in a specific Marathon account and are invested back into the school, its teacher,  and its students. Examples of how some of the funds were used in the 2018-2019 school year are as follows:

    For our school, Marathon funds were used to purchase:
    • Supplies and furniture for our classrooms.
    • Enrichment curriculum materials, a supplemental and adaptable math and language arts curriculum, a specialized reading curriculum for students with dyslexia, a curriculum mapping program to ensure we are meeting and exceeding all standards, and other instructional supplies.  
    • STEM activities, keyboards for iPads and other classroom technologies.
    • Marketing for our school and the online conference scheduler.
    For our teachers, we used Marathon funds for:
    • Professional development in Science and Engineering curriculum.
    • Reimbursements for teachers so they do not need to use their own money for classroom supplies.
    • Staff service projects and staff appreciation days.
    For our kids, Marathon funds were used to:
    • Fund our Courage, Kindness, and Leaving a Legacy retreats as well as the Digital Citizenship presenter. 
    • Purchase supplies for our middle school engineering partnership with Totino-Grace, and the onsite. 
    • ExploraDome exhibit.
    • Fund classroom field trips and service projects.
    Marathon Service Project
    This year is the third year we are implementing an optional and voluntary service project component to the Marathon. Parent feedback has indicated that participation in a service project would be a meaningful activity for students to participate in and gather Marathon pledges for. This is not something that the school will lead, monitor or pre-approve. Service projects may be completed at any time throughout the school year and pledges may be made online or turned in on pledge collection dates.  
    Matching Gifts
    Does your employer have a matching gift program? If so, complete the company form and include it in your child's envelope. 

    Thank you to the following companies that made matching gifts to St. Odilia School during last year’s Marathon: 
    Boston Scientific
    Donaldson Foundation
    General Mills
    Great Clips
    Health Partners
    HB Fuller
    Land O Lakes
    Northwestern Mutual
    Nuveen Investments
    Piper Jaffray
    Thompson Reuters
    Thrivent Financial
    U.S. Bank
    United Health Group
    Wells Fargo

    Thanks to the following businesses for donating to the Marathon - Culvers, Party City, Byerly's, Cub Foods, Starbucks, and Grandma's Bakery.

    *St. Odilia School and Parish is not responsible for children during the Marathon for Non-Public Education on Saturday October 6th. This is a volunteer-run event and parents are required to attend with their children. Marathon Day may be crowded at Central Park; please stay with younger children and have a communication and safety plan in place with older children who may bike or walk independently around the lake. Families are encouraged to show their school spirit and wear St. Odilia colors or spiritwear.


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