Parish History Timeline

    1959 - 1968
    Archbishop William O. Brady asks religious orders to help staff the growing number of new parishes in the area. The Crosiers express a desire to do so, and a twenty acre farm is purchased.   
    The Archbishop establishes new parish, naming it after the Crosier Patroness, St. Odilia. Fr. Leo Kapphahn, OSC, is named pastor; Fr. Jerry Plourde, OSC, is named associate pastor. First Mass of the new parish is celebrated at Lake Owasso School with 560 people attending; early Masses are also at Capitol View Jr. High. Daily Mass and Baptisms are celebrated in the “little green house.” There are 213 charter member households.
    Membership at 700 families. Ground is broken for new auditorium/gym; Christmas Eve Mass is celebrated there. Religious education classes are held in parishioners’ homes.
    First wing of the school and auditorium is dedicated; 480 students attend grades 2-6; Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Dubuque, Iowa, staff the school. Religious education classes are held in parishioners’ homes. St. Odilia becomes the first parish in the archdiocese and the nation to establish a school board.
    The “little green house” is moved to its present location and becomes the convent.
    Second wing of school is built. Sisters have new station wagon bought with help from Green Stamps. First Liturgy Board is formed (some sources say 1969).
    Dan Perry begins playing with the Young Americans, the first “guitar” group in the parish.
    Membership reaches 1000 households; 1310 children enroll in CCD. Overhead projector is first used at Mass.
    1970 - 1976
    1970 Fall Festival celebrates tenth anniversary of the parish, nets $12,491. Festival is now a major parish event.
    1973 Ground is broken for the new Crosier residence. Countless volunteer hours are contributed.
    Fr. Anthony Salzbrunn, OSC, is appointed second pastor.
    The 11:00 AM Easter Mass is celebrated at Mounds View High School due to larger crowds. This practice continues until the new church is built.
    1980 - 1988
    Fr. Charlie Kunkel, OSC, is appointed third pastor.
    Ground is broken for the new church; first Mass is celebrated on Christmas Eve, ending 22 years in the auditorium/gym. The $1.4M project includes the church, chapel, enclosed courtyard, new exterior windows for the school and a new roof on the existing structure. Parish membership grows to 2000 households.
    Greater involvement of the laity begins, with lay presiders leading Word/ Communion services, faith sharing, wake services, etc.
    The cross is installed in the sanctuary. Parish Pastoral Council is established. Five seasons of RENEW begin.
    1987 The shrine of St. Odilia, funded by the parish youth, is installed in the narthex. The next few years see the beginnings of Stephen Ministry and other ministries. A Mission Statement is developed, emphasizing our call to growth in discipleship. Endowment Fund is established.
    Kindergarten is added to the school. Parish is well known for active broad-based lay participation. First group of Stephen Ministers is commissioned. SP.R.ED (Special Religious Education) for developmentally disabled adults begins.
    1990 - 1999
    St. Odilia becomes a partner with St. Adalbert’s Sharing Korner Food Shelf in Frogtown. Social Justice Ministry plan is accepted and becomes a focus for the parish.
    The first parish musical, Cool in the Furnace, is performed; it is now an annual event.
    1993 The Parish Board established the Parish Pastoral Council. The new organizational structure significantly increases the number of parishioners directly involved in forming policy and implementing decisions. Caring Ministry Department is established.
    Fr. Rick McGuire, OSC, is appointed pastor.
    Major construction project begins: a new Parish Center, school cafeteria, classroom, nursery, expanded library, remodeled space for school and Christian Formation offices, auxiliary kitchen in the courtyard, and building code work.
    First Young at Heart Mass, with youth serving as planners, liturgical ministers and musicians.
    2000 - 2010
    2000 Membership exceeds 3300 households and school enrollment is over 800.
    2001 Latino Ministry begins.
    Courtyard is dedicated to Fr. Leo Kapphahn.
    The Crosiers announce they will be leaving the parish, due to fewer priests and restructuring of their order. Endowment Fund reaches $500,000. Fr. Jerry Schik, OSC, is appointed pastor.
    New dual leadership structure begins, with eight Ministry Area Councils and the Pastoral Leadership Council. 
    The annual distribution from the Endowment Fund earnings totals $33,000.
    Carnivale, a fund raiser for the school, brings in over $500,000, exceeding all expectations. A Farewell Celebration is held for the Crosier Fathers and Brothers; pictorial displays for each decade of the parish history are featured in the courtyard.
    The first Archdiocesan priests to serve our parish, Fr. Phil Rask as pastor and Fr. Nels Gjengdahl as associate, are honored at an ice cream social, music is provided by The Ice Cream Band (Dan Perry and friends). The parish purchases four acres and three buildings previously owned by the Crosiers. Faith Formation and parts of the Administrative staff are relocated to the former Crosier Provincial Offices.
    A long-range planning committee is formed to guide development of the parish. The first annual Night Club show is a smashing success. St. Odilia Preschool (“Wee Saints”) starts.
    Parish celebrates 40th Anniversary of Fall Festival. Endowment Fund assets reach $1,000,000.
    2010 50th Anniversary of Parish. A Jubilee Celebration is planned with activities throughout the year.