•                        50 years of celebrating the Spirit!!


                 Prayer for St. Odilia Jubilee
       “Celebrate With Joy
                               by Colleen Vlaisavljevich 2010

    Oh God, faithful in our history,
    we reflect with awe
    on your presence with us
    from our very beginning years.
    You have brought us to this year of jubilee.
    We gratefully stand on solid and holy ground,
    blessed by the generosity and legacy
    of a multitude of unrecognized  and honored names.
    O God, acting in the present,
    throw open wide the doors of our hearts!
    Grant us the courage to fulfill the call of jubilee –
    to forgive, to reconcile, and to celebrate who we are.
    Knowing all are loved and precious to you,
    we pray for the inspiration
    to proclaim this joyfully and justly,
    to mirror your presence in every encounter.
    O God, promised in our future,
    your grace beckons us
    on a growing pathway of compassion.
    By the power of your Holy Spirit
    guide our parish community
    into the coming years, resplendent with
    living faith, hope and all-embracing love.
    We pray through Christ our Lord. AMEN.