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    Start 2019 with some laughs with Giftmas! This one day "Buddy Retreat" is all about having fun with the community. We're doing a fun-focused event on January 12 for all our 8-12th graders, and we know part of having fun is getting to be with a friend! The 1-day event is packed full of some of our favorite games (new & old) and is sure to be a joyous, laughter-filled day.

    It's a retreat of sorts (with a few faith talks & conversation, plus some time with worship music) but not like the ones we usually do. This one is heavier on the fun and bonding, since our goal is to give a fun "gift" of a day to our youth!
    Our high school leaders helped set the schedule & pick the games, so you know it'll be good for this age group. And with some fan favorites returning (like the very popular food game we do, Cutthroat Kitchen) its guaranteed to be a good time. And with relatable talks by our young leaders too, we promise the teens will grow in their faith! So sign up with a buddy to get a discount & know that they'll be in your group with you all day.

    Date/Time: Saturday, January 12, 11:00 AM - 8:30 PM
    Location: Starts in the Courtyard (then uses the church & youth room too)
    To Register: Register online here! Open to 8th-12th graders

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    Join us on Sundays for our 8-12th grade youth events, where we aim to "encounter Christ in worship & in each other." We focus on growing closer together as a community and on growing in faith, with fun games, engaging prayer experiences and live worship music, and authentic small group conversations.
    We model each Encounter Night after a mini-retreat experience. To start with fun and fellowship, dive into a message for the night and some meaningful prayer, and follow up on those experiences in consistent small groups, with teens that you'll bond with more and more over time. We know that our retreats are the most-loved events that we offer, and for good reason - there are aspects that really resonate on retreat in a way few things can.

    But we're not content to just have those experiences every few months - we want to live a "Retreat Life" - one in which we support each other, grow together, and live our spirituality just as we would on a fantastic retreat. We see our Sunday night Encounters with Christ as a way to keep that retreat life going strong in between the big experiences.

    We hope you'll try joining us on a Sunday, and that you - like so many others before - will Encounter God in a meaningful way!

    Day/Time: Sundays, 7:00-9:00 PM
    Program Dates: Oct. 14, Oct. 28, Nov. 18 (4-6 PM instead of 7-9), Nov. 25, Dec. 9, Dec. 16, Dec. 23, 2019 dates coming soon!
    Location: Starts in the Courtyard (then uses the church too)
    To Register: No Registration needed, and it's free! Open to 8th-12th graders


    RT aug 18

    Do ministry with our most popular, life-changing team!
    Retreat Team is an awesome opportunity for youth to share their faith, have a lot of fun, be part of a close-knit community, and change lives! The Team helps plan and run off-site retreats through St. Odilia, working with our Youth Minister. Team members can help with anything from skits, games, icebreakers, testimonies, prayer ministry - even help lead worship!

    Retreat Team has business meetings on Tuesdays, then meets on Sundays for Retreat Night to be able to pray together and grow as a team. New leaders start on Sundays, as they get to know the team and grow in their own faith! After joining the "Retreat Life" community, students can start the process to officially apply to be on team.

    Day/Time: Tuesday meetings 4:00-6:00 PM, see above for Retreat Nights
    Program Dates: Every Tuesday! Seriously, we only take off a couple major holidays (Christmas week, July 4th week)
    Location: Meetings are in the new St. Odilia Youth Room
    To Register: No registration required for Sundays or Tuesdays (but non-team members can only attend 2 Tuesdays a month until they are actually a Junior Leader or Leader). There is an application process to be on team, and each retreat will include a registration form & discounted event fee. Meetings continue throughout the year, as we prepare for each retreat. Teens can apply to be on team, contact Scott for details, or stop at a Tuesday meeting if interested!

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    Check out the huge teen mass & event with over 1,000 teens each month!
    Lifeline is a huge teen mass and event that draws over 1,000 people per event! There are excellent, youth-oriented homilies and fantastic music by Christian rock group SONAR. Each month after mass there is a keynote speaker, concert, or breakout sessions. The event is hosted by NET Ministries, and features students from dozens of parishes each month. St. Odilia organizes a group to travel to and attend the events most months, and we also get dinner before the event - check below for details on registering and joining our group for the trip!

    Day/Time: Saturdays, 3:30 - 10:00 PM
    Program Dates: Dec. 1, Jan. 5, Feb. 2, May 4
    Location: Event is at NET Center in West St. Paul, we carpool from the Faith Formation building
    To Register: Watch for online registration to open about 3 weeks prior to each event!


    High Schoolers - Join the Spark Team and help us lead Faith Spark!
    Faith Spark is St. Odilia's new youth ministry program for middle schoolers, designed to pump up our youth and inject some excitement into our experience of faith!
    With great high school leaders, funny videos by by the teens, and high-energy games, these nights are sure to help spark some interest in faith for our kids. And the youth-oriented messages help students take those first steps in their faith. If this is our kids’ first experience with youth ministry, we want it to be an awesome one!

    Program Dates: 6:30 - 8:00 PM on Wednesdays - Sept. 19, Oct. 3, Nov. 7, Dec. 5, Jan. 9, Feb. 6, March 6, April 10, May 1
    Spark Team meetings:  4:00 - 6:00 PM on Wed.- Sept. 12, Sept. 26, Oct. 24, Nov. 28, Jan. 2, Jan. 30, Feb. 27, April 3, April 24
    Location: The Courtyard at St. Odilia
    To Register: No registration required for middle schoolers, but high schoolers apply here to be on Spark Team!
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