Respect Life Ministry

  • We are a people of life, and a people for life.

    Our mission is to promote and nourish respect for life in our parish community.  We believe that every human life is uniquely created in the image and likeness of God and that each person deserves that respect from the time life begins at fertilization to natural death.  We also believe that during this life we have responsibilities toward God, self, and society to protect and nurture human life at every stage of its existence.

    While recognizing the wide spectrum of human rights that comprises respect for life, we hold the right to life as fundamental.  We believe it is the basis and source of all other human rights.  Our primary goal is to deepen the understanding of the sanctity of life at its very beginning and its natural ending.

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Current Events

  • Throwaway Culture and the Harms of Assisted Suicide Laws

    Tuesday, October 4 from 6:00 p.m.—7:15 p.m., St. Odilia Courtyard

    Assisted suicide is not real care –it can lead to society’s devaluing of persons with disabilities, the elderly, the poor and those who don’t have proper care for mental illness. There are serious efforts to legalize assisted suicide in Minnesota. Be informed.

    Please attend a discussion on assisted suicide with Lynn Varco from the Minnesota Catholic Conference (MCC). There will be a presentation on the harms of euthanasia and assisted suicide laws followed by a discussion of efforts to support compassionate alternatives to the legalization of assisted suicide in Minnesota and how parishioners can take action on this issue via MCC’s partner organization Please join us.

    About MN Alliance for Ethical Healthcare

    The Alliance is a diverse coalition of healthcare providers, caretakers, and community allies that believes government should find ways to prioritize proper treatment and management of pain and quality end-of-life care, not hasten death. Contact us:

    Walking with Moms in Need

    Walking with Moms in Need is a program for parishes to help women in need with prayer and action. One significant way our parish can help is to keep our crib in the rear of the church full of items (ex. diapers, formula, baby clothing up to 2 years).  These items are donated to Birthright in St. Paul. 

    Pray for Dobbs

    Become part of the many faith communities united on prayer to overturn the Roe v Wade and Casey Supreme Court decisions. Nine justices stand between life and death for millions of unborn children. Join this nationwide prayer advocacy and receive focused prayers, key points, and other suggestions.

    Get Involved

    Our St. Odilia Respect for Life committee is a very active and committed group of parishioners who participate in various ways.  Some members regularly attend monthly meetings and plan the parish activities, some stay involved via our email and bulletin communications, others support our activities by participating in 40 Days for Life, the March for Life, serving coffee and donuts on Respect Life Sundays, attending adoration on Monday afternoons, donating/ delivering baby items for Birthright collected in our crib at the rear of the church, or by supporting life-affirming activities like Baby Bottle fundraiser or Spiritual Adoption. 

    If you would like to join us, our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at the parish.  Check the bulletin for time and location. If you are interested in receiving our email notifications and minutes, send an email to Pat Benham at with Join Respect Life List in the subject line.

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