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    In the 2018-2019 school year, we moved to an online accessible student/family directory, with an app, for a much more convenient way to access and view contact information for our school families.  The company we used last year, MyschoolAnywhere, was bought out by Membership Toolkit (MTK), which is what we will use this year (2019-2020).  This is not a public system that anyone can access; only St. Odilia families have access to this information Login info was provided on September 16, 2019.    

     Click here to login in and access the directory. 

    MTK offers many different features, and we want to highlight some of the ones we find most useful. You can easily

    • sort the directory by family, student, grade level, or teacher.  a
    • add a parent to your personal contact list.  Look for this icon:  a
    • get directions to a family’s house by clicking on the address & using your fav map app. a
    • star the contacts you stay in touch with the most to add them to your  a “Favorites” within your MTK account. 

    If you have any changes to your directory information throughout the school year, please update your information directly in MTK. Don't forget to email the school office (schooloffice@stodilia.org) if you have a new address, phone number, etc.  If you have any questions regarding the directory, please reach out to Anne Ragatz in the school office.