• msa

    New this 2018-2019 school year we are using an online accessible School Directory, with an app, for a much more convenient way to access and view contact information for our school families.  Only our school families have access to the directory on MySchoolAnywhere (login info emailed to you on Nov. 19, 2018).  

                                                            Click here to access MySchoolAnywhere.

     MSA offers many different features, and we wanted to highlight some of the ones we find most useful:

    1. Here's a quick video that gives a great overall recap of MySchoolAnywhere.  The first 90 seconds will be most helpful to you.  The remaining part of the video describes features of MSA we are not using at this time. We will keep you posted when/if we add any new features to our MSA account.  
    2. Want a paper copy of a class list?  Check out this video to learn how to print directory information.
    3. Did you know you can ‘star’ your favorite contacts so you have easy access to those you are in touch with the most?  Simply select the star next to the family’s entry in the directory and they will be added to your list. 
    4. The Help Center is an excellent resource for technical support--how to change your password, how to use one login for multiple schools, troubleshooting, etc. 


    As we begin to use this new system, we ask that you keep these two things in mind:
    If you need to make any updates to your family’s contact information, please email (schooloffice@stodilia.org) or call the school office (651-484-3364).  We will happily update your MySchoolAnywhere account, as well as a few other systems we use. 
    This directory is for the exclusive personal use and convenience of St. Odilia School families.  It must be treated as a privileged and confidential list, and its use is not allowed for solicitation.