Dementia Friendly Parish

  • Dementia Friendly logo We are a Catholic community of faith that welcomes every person.  We want to encourage individuals experiencing any form of dementia or memory loss, and their caregivers, to feel welcomed in our parish. As a dementia-friendly parish, we:

    • Accept and value people regardless of cognitive abilities,
    • Focus on their strengths and abilities and are open to what they have to offer,
    • Offer opportunities for both spiritual and pastoral support in order that everyone may enjoy being a part of a worshiping community, and
    • Understand that being a dementia-friendly parish is always a work in progress. 

    Parishioners Experiencing Memory Loss and Their Caregivers

    Our parish is trying to be responsive to the needs of people experiencing memory loss and to the needs of their caregivers.

    • If you provide care to someone with some form of memory loss, please notify Deacon Jim by calling him at (651) 415-3354.
    • If you know of a church member who cares for someone experiencing memory loss, or know of a church member who is experiencing memory loss, please ask them if it is OK for you to inform Deacon Jim. We need to know who in our congregation could be helped so we can serve them. 

    As soon as we know of a caregiver or care recipient, we will contact them to see how our parish can be of assistance to them.

    St. Odilia Articles and Publications

    Fr. Rask article from Winter 2019 Messenger.
    Pastoral Care article on Dementia/Alzheimer's/Memory Loss Affecting Parishioners
    Dementia Friendly Congregation Ministry

    St. Odilia Resources

    Dementia resources are available in the Courtyard library and outside the Parish office entryway in the holders on the wall.

    Community Resources

    Community Services through Lyngblomsten

    2nd Half with Lyngblomsten Caregiver Resources include:

    • The Gathering - provides a day of stimulating activities for those experiencing early- to mid-stage memory loss, and gives five hours of respite to caregivers who desire a break.  St. Odilia is a member of this consortium.
    • Support Groups
    • Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer's Caregiver Health (REACH)
    • Caregiver Resource & & Referral Program

     Alzheimer's and Dementia information from the City of Roseville

    Activities, Support Groups, Educational and Community Events include:

    • Monthly calendars of events
    • Social Work Assistance
    • Respite & Adult Day Services
    • Memory Cafe'
    • Memory Minder Resources