About the Prayer Garden

  • New Prayer Garden Columbarium named St. Monica

    Prayer Garden St. Monica was a model of prayer (30 years for her son Augustine!) and our cemetery is called a Prayer Garden. With this name, we honor our Crosier heritage at St. Odilia. The Crosiers always receive their habits on the Feast of St. Monica (Aug. 27) and make their profession of vows on the Feast of St. Augustine (Aug. 28) and they follow the Rule of St. Augustine. 

    Niches are available for purchase. For information, please contact Lynne Schriver-Sheedy at H: 952-207-1285 or C: 651-307-5315 or email prayergarden@stodilia.org

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  • St. Odilia Prayer Garden Wins Top Honors!

    The St. Odilia Prayer Garden recently won top honors in the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District's Landscape Ecology Awards Program (LEAP) for our three colorful and attractive rain gardens on the north side of the Prayer Garden property.  The judges were impressed with the use of native plants in the design, and amazed to learn how much rain water the gardens intercepted.  "We observed that the maintenance of the garden was excellent.  What a beautiful example of stewardship!  We also want to thank Roger Toogood for being an excellent guide for the project."
    - Lynne Shriver-Sheedy, Prayer Garden committee member

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  • Memorial Wall - In Remembrance

    "Our St. Odilia Prayer Garden will now have a beautiful new feature near the St. Francis Columbarium.  A Memorial Wall entitled, 'In Remembrance' has been added.  Inscribed on this wall will be the names of those who are interred elsewhere but prayerfully and lovingly remembered by our St. Odilia Community.  The inscriptions will include the names of our loved ones as well as the date of birth and death much like the inscriptions on  the niches in the columbaria.  Please see the 'Files' section below for more information about how to have a loved one's name inscribed on our Memorial Wall.  We hope that you will take the time to stop by our Prayer Garden for a quiet moment of reflection and see the beautiful Memorial Wall."

    - Kevin Scroggins, Prayer Garden committee member

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  • Prayer Garden Details

    The St. Odilia Prayer Garden includes columbaria with niches for cremated remains as well as traditional in ground burial plots.  Yes, that means it IS a cemetery, but it is also so much more!  That is why its official name is the St. Odilia Prayer Garden.

    This is a sacred place where we bury our dead in the spirit of our faith and hope in eternal life.  It is a place for our community to gather for prayer and a sacred place offering a quiet place for individual reflection and meditation.  The natural beauty of the garden with the pond surrounds each visitor with the peaceful presence of the Creator. We are confident that this ministry at St. Odilia will be a source of comfort and hope for generations to come.  

    This sacred place is also a visual reminder of our belief in the Communion of Saints as we will eventually be surrounded by our ancestors in faith who have completed their life journey to God.  A walk through this garden reminds us of those holy members of our community who have enriched the life of this community by their presence and gifts.  Future generations will continue to build on the foundation of faith represented by those who rest in our Prayer Garden.

     We are now ready for people to begin purchasing niches/graves.  Because of rules regulating ownership of church property, subscribers are technically granted a permanent "use permit" or "right of use" rather than actual ownership of their selected niche or grave. 

    There is plenty of space in the St. Odilia Prayer Garden.  
    If you would like to reserve a grave and/or columbarium niche, click on the information packet in the list below to print out the form.  

    Questions can also be emailed to prayergarden@stodilia.org

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  • Prayer Garden, Email

    Email:  prayergarden@stodilia.org