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    The Catholic Community of St. Odilia has two Endowment Funds that have been created to secure a strong future for St. Odilia Parish and St. Odilia School. Increasing the value of these funds means an ever-greater impact on the future, our legacy for generations to come. The yearly distribution from each of these funds helps our entire community each year.
    The St. Odilia Endowment Fund provides an opportunity for donors to designate a charitable gift to support one or more minitry areas including: Worship, Faith Formation & Scholarships, Pastoral Care, SOcial Justice, Capital, and Undesignated (supporting the parish where the need is the greatest).
    The St. Odilia School Endowment Fund supports the general needs of the school in addition to providing tuition assistance for families who desire a Catholic education through the Connor Anderson School Scholarship Fund.
    An endowment fund is an opportunity to invest in the future of the Catholic Community of St. Odilia. To learn more of how you can make a gift that will continue giving for generations to come, please contact Ramona Michaels at 651-415-3350 or email endowmentfund@stodilia.org.