• Endowment
    What is an Endowment Fund? An endowment is a repository for financial gifts given to an institution, with a special purpose stated by the donor. Our Endowment Funds are designed to preserve the principal (the original gift), while using part of the interest money earned to support the work of the Parish and the School.  

    How Does an Endowment Fund Work? At St. Odilia, we have invested the money donated to the Endowment Funds, and use a portion of each year's investment earnings for priority parish projects. What makes our Endowment unique is that the original gift is never spent! It continues to earn interest forever, or “in perpetuity”. Therefore, your gift today will continue to benefit the St. Odilia community year after year.....forever! 

    How are the Endowment Funds used at St. Odilia? The Catholic Community of St. Odilia established two permanent endowments which provide a sustainable source of income to support and enhance the mission of the Parish and School. The St. Odilia Parish Endowment Fund provides an opportunity for donors to designate a charitable gift to support one or more ministry areas including: Worship, Faith Formation & Scholarships, Pastoral Care, Social Justice, Capital, and Undesignated (supporting the parish where the need is the greatest).  St. Odilia Parish Endowment Fund Brochure