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    Students may be in the halls of St. Odilia for up to 10 years, but the value of their Catholic education lasts them a lifetime. Ensure that future students can benefit from a Catholic School education by making a gift to the St. Odilia School Endowment Fund. Our endowment invests your gifts into perpetuity, providing long-term financial stability for our school.  Anyone can give any amount to our endowment at any time! View the ways to give.

    About Endowments

    An endowment is an account for financial gifts given to an institution, with a special purpose stated by the donor. Our Endowment Funds are designed to preserve the principal (the original gift), while using part of the interest money earned to support the work of the school.

    At St. Odilia, we have invested the money donated to the Endowment Funds, and use a portion of each year's investment earnings for priority school projects. What makes our Endowment unique is that the original gift is never spent! It continues to earn interest forever, or “in perpetuity”. Therefore, your gift today will continue to benefit St. Odilia School year after year.....forever!

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    St. Odilia School Endowment Fund 

    The St. Odilia School Endowment Fund strengthens the quality of programs, staffing, and instructional materials at St. Odilia School. With a healthy endowment, St. Odilia School has the potential to reduce reliance on parish subsidies, tuition, and short-term fundraising for the school’s annual operating budget.  It secures the viability of St. Odilia School as a place that provides a quality, faith-based education.

    List of items purcahsed with Endowment distributions

    Connor Anderson School Scholarship Sub-fund

    Distributions also provide tuition assistance through the Connor Anderson Scholarship Fund for families seeking a Catholic education. The Connor Anderson Scholarship Fund was established in 2007 in remembrance of Connor Anderson, a St. Odilia School first grade student who lost his life due to a heart condition. The Connor Anderson School Scholarship Sub-Fund provides tuition assistance for families who desire a Catholic education. 

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    When you make a gift to an endowment you create a permanent legacy of support that will make a lasting impact. To learn more about how you can make a gift that will continue giving for generations to come, please contact Ramona Michaels at 651-415-3350 or email endowmentfund@stodilia.org.