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    Registration for Faith Formation
    has now closed.

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    You may have noticed that the titles of our Faith Formation staff have been changed to reflect a Discipleship along with the Formation element. The department’s goal is to establish
    strategies to accomplish our parish goal of creating a culture of missionary discipleship. 
    We welcome all and provide opportunities for every person to grow in holiness and draw closer to Jesus Christ – every day and at every stage of life. The added emphasis on discipleship is a wider understanding of the work of formation that builds faith and leads to living as a disciple. We seek to provide opportunities to draw closer to Christ first by an encounter of Him, our risen, living and true God who speaks to us through the Church’s sacred scriptures, her life of prayer and worship, through academic study and by personal witness and faith sharing. The department seeks to help each person reach their religious potential, live in a vibrant relationship with Christ and be formed within the tradition of the Catholic Church in order to be sent for witness, evangelization, and mission. 

      Catechetical Program Changes
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     Click HERE to view our In-Person Instruction Plan
    Click the button above to view the highlights of our In-Person Instruction plan to ensure a safe environment. In-person programming is vital to the relational aspect of ministry and the tangible incarnational aspect of Christianity. We will place students as they register and as we have catechists available to teach. We will continue to adjust and reevaluate our plan utilizing the recommendation of our government, the Archdiocese and parish policies. If we are unable to offer In-Person Instruction due to safety or space concerns, participants will continue instruction with our Virtual Learning Option

    Our virtual offering will mirror the in person schedule with Coordinators reaching out each week to instruct parents with the curriculum to in turn teach their children and youth. An office is being converted for efforts in producing virtual messaging aiding parents to deliver the content with thoughtful instruction and opportunity to draw out your witness of faith. For more information on the specifics on the delivery of the program and program schedules, please consult program pages on the St. Odilia website.

    Faith Formation staff and myself are excited to be in partnership with you this year. We are more challenged in these times, calling for a greater creativity and also a deeper reliance on the Holy Spirit. May this time make our community of faith stronger and more vibrant.
    Jill Fink                                                       
    Director of Discipleship and Formation           
    Adult Ministry, RCIA, Baptism, RCIC and Department Leadership
    Phone: 651.415.3331
    Gizella Miko
    Coordinator of Youth Discipleship and Formation
    Grades 7-8 Confirmation, Middle School and High School Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry
    Phone: 651.415.3343
    Cristian Reyes-Rodriguez
    Coordinator of Elementary Discipleship and Formation
    Grades K-6 Catechesis and Family Faith, Word for Children, Parent Ministry
    Phone:  651.415.3316
    Sandy Cortez
    Coordinator of Latino Discipleship and Formation
    Assisting in catechesis, pastoral needs, communication, Quinceneras, Marriage Ministry, assisting in baptism, adult education and RCIA
    Phone: 651.415.3365
    Linda Duerr
    Administrative Assistant of Discipleship and Formation
    Department Communication, Registration, Sacramental Records
    Phone: 651.415.3329