Special Religious Education for Adults & Adolescents

    Many of you may be wondering, what is Sp.R.Ed.?

    Sp.R.Ed. is the Special Religious Education Program at St. Odilia parish that serves developmentally disabled adults through Christian based learning and classes twice a month.

    It is my absolute pleasure to be able to communicate with both the Sp.R.Ed. and St. Odilia communities through this page! Stay tuned for future class meetings, ways to get involved with the program, and exciting news about Sp.R.Ed.

    Confirmation Classes for People with Disabilities
    Confirmation classes are available for persons with special needs, or mental or physical disabilities, age 16 or older. Please contact Jon Heyer at the number listed below to receive information as it becomes available.
    Call Jon Heyer, Faith Formation Office
    Phone: 651-415-3351