• St. Odilia Mission Statement

    It is the mission of St. Odilia School to educate the whole child: spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, and physically. Each child will develop a clear Catholic identity, an understanding of the Gospel's call to service, and an appreciation for the larger community. Our faculty, staff, and curriculum promote a love of learning and a respect for self and others.

    St. Odilia School Philosophy
    St. Odilia Staff believes that Catholic education is based on the premise that every child is a child of God.  Each child has received the life and love of the Creator and is called into a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

    We strive to foster an environment where all students are welcome and each child will advance in achieving superior knowledge and skills in academic disciplines, humanities, and arts by incorporating a rigorous curriculum that challenges students of all learning abilities to achieve their full potential.

    We recognize that Parents/Guardians are the primary educators of their children.  The work of St. Odilia School is to assist Parents/Guardians with the responsibility for the development of each child guided by Christian principals.  Those called to the ministry of education will witness the integration of faith, culture, and living by the knowledge they impart and the relationships they foster. 

    St. Odilia School strives to help each child receive the message revealed by God and proclaimed by the Catholic Church.  Each child is encouraged to become an active member of the faith community, including participation in the sacramental life of the Catholic Church.  Our school environment and learning program offers each child the opportunity to develop his/her gifts and talents to be of service in the Christian Community.  We are committed to instilling Catholic values in each child in order to assist him/her in developing a sense of moral responsibility.
  • St. Odilia School History

    The Parish of St. Odilia was founded in 1960. The Crosier Fathers and Brothers from Onamia, Minnesota agreed to staff the new parish in Shoreview. Because of a growing need and desire for Catholic Education in this newly developed suburban area, the Archbishop asked that a school be built before a church building was erected.

    Father Leo Kapphahn, OSC was our first pastor. One of his first tasks was to find a Religious Community of Sisters to staff the new school. He got into his car and told his associate that he would not be returning until he found Sisters to teach in the school. His quest led him finally to Dubuque, Iowa where the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary agreed to staff our school. 

    The first Mass was held in the gymnasium of the school on Christmas Eve in 1961 and by the fall of 1962, the school was ready to open with a wing of sixteen classrooms. Four Presentation Sisters and several dedicated lay teachers welcomed 480 students in grades 2-6 on September 4, 1962. Classroom size was set for 40 students! For two years, the Sisters lived in two of the classrooms. It wasn't long until there was a need for more classrooms so a second wing of the school was added in 1966. Eventually, grades 7 and 8 were added, as well as 1st grade and finally a kindergarten and preschool.

    The Presentation Sisters served our school until 1990. At that time three Benedictine Sisters from St. Paul Monastery came to St. Odilia. It was this Community that Father Leo first contacted in 1960! They were unable to staff our school at that time, but they were to be the last presence of religious Sisters in the school, leaving in 2007. From the very beginning, St. Odilia School has also been staffed by a committed staff of dedicated Catholic lay men and women.

    Through the years, St. Odilia School has consistently stayed current in its academics, technology, fine arts and athletic endeavors. Education of the whole child involves body, mind, and spirit. Our society and culture have changed dramatically since 1962. In spite of this, St. Odilia School has remained firmly grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it is lived out in the Roman Catholic tradition. St. Odilia School has always been an integral part of the mission of our Parish Community. In keeping with this mission, parents, students and staff are continually involved in a wide variety of outreach opportunities focused on service, justice, and inclusion.

    Since 1962, St. Odilia School has boldly proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Parents, students, faculty, and staff are frequently challenged to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in our world. This mission is fueled and nourished daily in our school community by developing a clear Catholic Identity through prayer, reflection and the sacramental life of the Church.