• Thank you to all who participated in the Fall Festival!

    The 52nd Annual St. Odilia Fall Festival was a huge success! We all had a fun time because so many people worked hard behind the scenes:
    Trish Brokman and Janet Derfus, Chair and Co-Chair, were the two master minds behind the whole event. Everything went smoothly because of their many hours of work long before the festival began, during the festival, and even after the festival. We must also thank the exceptional team members who assisted; Theresa Kruse, Jeanne Winiecki, Jeanne Andal, Colleen Moore, and Mark Bina (Silent Auction), Jerry Ruhland (Food trucks/Live Auction) and the Live Auction team, John & Peg Brossart (Beverages/Photos), Melina &  Severo Garcia (Bingo), Linda Lockwood (Cherry Tree), Jenny Peterson (Farmers Market), Deb Smith and the Book Nook team, Cathy Healy (Desserts), Vicki Shipley and Sharon Lenertz (Quilt Raffle), Dave Hall and the Donation Solicitation team, Julie Kiernan for securing the fantastic music (including the Backyard Band, Necessary Diversion and the Southside Big Band), Bob Eibensteiner and the Raffle team, Patty Fellner and Pat Whitmill (Raffle Counters), Sandy Strauss and Sophie Olive (Cookies), Jim Rosenow and the Finance team, and of course logistics and facilites, Tom WelnaThank-you to all the volunteers who made the weekend such a success!! 

    Congratulations to the 2021 Fall Festival Raffle Winners! 

    Grand Prize Lynn Kesler
    First Prize Jenny Woods
    Second Prize Mark Matual
    Third Prize (3) Kathy Campion
      Mike and Rita Sullivan
      Scott and Cheryl Baker
    Fourth Prize (4) Bob and Joan Prairie
      Gary and Karen Krebsbach
      Joan Wynne
      James and Barbara Hannegan
    Fifth Prize (10) Jim and Elizabeth Foley
      Tom and Patty Stuart
      Miles and Anne Hamre
      Diane Carigiet
      Joe and Angela Brough
      Chuck and Carol Reid
      Steve and Brenda Anderson
      Elizabeth Russell
      Kathren Jorgensen
      Toni Lillie
    Quilt Raffle Winner Cecilia Koepplin

     Thank you 2021 Donors! We are grateful to the many local businesses who helped support our 2021 Fall Festival. Many thanks to the St. Odilia parishioners for their generous donations too! We could not do this withour your support!

     Thank you 2021 Raffle Prize & Printing Cost Sponsors!
    Sponsor poster