•  This Year we are excited to return to
    In-Person Programming!
    Family Faith Formation K-6 (2021-2022)

    We are excited for our social environment to be improving.  We anticipate offering only In-Person programming.  We will keep updating information as the social environment warrants.  Currently we are planning for catechists and classrooms returning with parents partnering with home lessons. 

    Monthly Classroom setting offered on Wednesday evenings from 6:30PM to 7:45PM from September through May.

    As we move back to In-Person Programming, we welcome insight on building community and fostering a strong Parent Program.  A Core Team of Parents is desired for advisement and helping to lead the Parent Program.  Contact Gizella Miko to be a part of the Parent Program Core Team. 

    The calendar for 2021-22 is currently in the process of being finalized.  Our schedule will look similar to last years.  We are hopeful to add a few more sessions to help build community and enhance the curriculum instruction delivered either in the classroom or at home.

    Family Faith K-6 Calendar 2021-2022


    Wednesday Class

    September 29

    First Day of Family Faith

    October 6

    Family Faith

    November 3

    November 17

    Family Faith

    Service Family Night 



    December 1

    December 8

    Family Faith

    Family Faith 


    Happy New Year 2022

    January 12

    Family Faith

    February 2

    Family Faith

    March 2

    March 23

    Family Faith

    Family Faith 

    April 6

    Family Faith

    May 4

    Last Day of Family Faith

    Elementary children will meet in the classrooms while parents will meet in the church to hear a speaker and will participate in small group discussions for some months. Children must be registered to attend classes.

    Each class will be limited to approximately 12 students. 

  • Family Faith Formation for Grades K-6 

    The Family Faith Program is an innovative K-6 Catholic religious education program based on the principle that parents have the most influence on the faith of their children. (This year we are adding grade 6th) 
    Our families meet once a month at church and the other two lessons each month are taught by parents, using the digital resources emailed to them for each chapter.

    Family Faith  

    Elementary children will meet in the classrooms while parents will meet in the church to hear a speaker and will participate in small group discussions for some months. The nursery/preschool (Room 1608) will be open for younger children to play during class time. Children must be registered to attend classes.
    Family Faith  
    What is Family Faith?
    Family Faith is about growing in faith together.
    Families gather at the church monthly. While the children meet in small groups with warm and caring catechists, parents gather in the Church to participate in engaging sessions with great speakers that will help them grow in their own faith. Children will learn about and live their faith at home with their parents. Parents are provided with easy to use materials and receive additional support and ideas several times a month by email.
    Family Faith is about praying together
    We have opportunities for families to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation and engage in prayer together at our Family Faith Nights.
    Family Faith is about serving together

    Families come together to learn and serve on Family Service Nights, along with other volunteer opportunities throughout the year. This gives families an onsite option to serve others as a family.
    Family Service Night

    Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist
    Parents prepare their children in second grade, for First Reconciliation, in
    partnership with Family Faith Formation and St. Odilia Catholic School.
    First Reconciliation will be celebrated with registered families
    on January 23 at 4:00 p.m. or January 30 at 4:00 p.m.
    First Eucharist will be celebrated with registered families
     (Dates coming soon)
    Contact Faith Formation Department for information
    about preparation for Reconciliation or First Eucharist.
     First Eucharist
    Family Faith K-6 Contact Information
    Cristian Reyes-Rodriguez