K - 5th Grade Youth Participants

  • Experience God's Monumental Love
    Do you see it? Look up! God’s beauty is all around you.
    Can you hear it? Be still! You can hear God’s voice in the quietness of your heart.
    Do you feel it? Pay attention! God’s love is all around you.

    $50 Registration includes T-shirt and CD/Music Download

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6 - 12th Grade Youth Volunteers

  • On Wednesday, July 13th, we will offer VBS After Hours.

    You will need TWO character references from a teacher or employer. (HELPFUL HINT: Do this before the end of the school year.)

    $20 helps cover the costs of the youth volunteers.

    Training: July 8th 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Adventurous Adults

  • We need you to make our program AMAZING!

    We need volunteers to assist in all the stations, some stations need consistent daily volunteers, while some stations can handle volunteers who can only help on certain days.

    Anyone able to volunteer for each of the 5 days can request a registration reimbursement of $50.

    All Adult volunteers MUST be Approved Volunteers (Essential 3 Qualified).

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