• You've got the SPIRIT, yes you do! Check out some of these cool sites on religion.
    (Note to parents/guardians)
    Holy Vatican
    (Photos, speeches, letters,
    daily meditations and more
    All grades)
    Catholic Saints Index
    (Search saints by first
    name, all ages)
    Patron Saints
    (Search saints by patron,
    all ages)
    (Catholic online
    information about
    angels. all ages)
    Veggie Tales
    (Videos, games, 
    activities, parent
    discussion guides, stories
    and e-cards)
    Parables told by Jesus
    (Read Parables at

    NOTE TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS: The websites accessed from these links are recommended by teachers and notable educational institutions. Nonetheless, we encourage you to visit the sites to determine if the subject matter is acceptable for your particular family and to give your child permission to access the information.