• Stop bugging your classmates! Check out these
    SCintilating SCientific sites!
    (Note to parents/guardians)

    (Fire Safety, gr K-1)
    Exploratorium Museum
    (Science projects by topic, gr K-5)
    (For parents to discuss with kids, gr. K-5)
    (Information about oceans and seas, Enchanted Learning,  gr. K-5)
    (Information about planets, Enchanted Learning, gr. K-5)
    (Information about Land, water, air, and natural hazards; includes outside links, all ages)

    (Solar system and planets, gr K-5)

    Sky & Telescope Magazine
    (Interactive sky chart, gr. 6-8)
    The WebElements Periodic Table
    (Periodic table, gr. 6-8)
    (Kids Zone - water cycle and water conservation activities, gr. 2-5)
    Water Guide for Kids
    (Illustrated water cycle, gr. 2)
    Yinon Bentor's Periodic Table
    (Periodic table, gr. 6-8)

    (Science exploration, interactive games to explor environmental issues, gr. 1-3)
    Saving Water
    (Household water slide show use, gr. 1-3)
    Kids Astronomy
    (Outer space resources, gr. 2-4)
    (Home science experiments, games, activities, etc. Gr. 2-4)

    Fact Monster 
    (Search for science facts/non-fiction literature, gr.1-3)

    Time For Kids
    (Current events science articles, gr. 1-5)

    PBS Kids

    (All ages, subject searches for student or teacher)


    (Game to match animals and habitats, gr. 1-8)

    NOTE TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS: The websites accessed from these links are recommended by teachers and notable educational institutions. Nonetheless, we encourage you to visit the sites to determine if the subject matter is acceptable for your particular family and to give your child permission to access the information.