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CSCOE sponsored Parenting Sessions


 This year we are partnering with the Catholic School Center of Excellence (CSCOE) to educate you and your children to better take on the world and all it throws at us.   We will use practical experiences and effective techniques that are tailored to our community here at St. Odilia.  

So what does this partnership mean for you and your child?  It means parenting presentations, webinars, and resources to help our families navigate through difficult situations.  It means training for our teachers and staff. This is a whole community approach to instilling hope in our children and preserving their childhood.  Everyone the child sees from the time he or she walks in the door is part of this team working together for your child’s well-being.

This year all we ask is that you join us in this partnership.  Look for the Peace of Mind updates, join the webinars, register for the in-person presentations, read the information that is sent home, or try a relaxation app with your middle schooler.  

We are excited to partner with YOU and with CSCOE to work together to offer the children the support they need to be successful.  Check out the available webinars below.