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How are you being Formed?

Who and what are influencing your life? We are called to be Disciples of Jesus Christ and are on a lifelong journey. Some things, people and experiences are almost beyond our control. We experience hundreds of things and people daily. So, how are you forming and allowing yourself to be formed?

We are not alone! There are a variety of resources and people available to us. One streaming resource in which our parish participates is entitled “Formed,” produced by Augustine Institute in Denver. With over 4,000 Catholic videos, Ebooks, talks, and study programs, FORMED is one of the largest Catholic digital platforms for parishes, in both English and Spanish.

St. Odilia pays a yearly subscription fee which allows any parishioner to access its various resources either at home, on the go, or while on our church campus; you simply need an internet connection. A number of our formation programs (RCIA, Family Faith, catechist, school, parents) use it already.

In order to use this resource, simply go to You will be asked to use an email address and create a password. Then, off you go! Audio books, videos, movies, and study groups can be streamed onto your device or via Roku, Android, Apple TV, and others. Topics included prayer, theology, church history, Mary, saints, sacramental preparation, scripture, parenting and sharing the faith. There are resources for people of all ages, interests, and needs.

Let’s step back and find ways to Form our Faith and be more deliberate Disciples. Use it any time of day or night. Let yourself be Formed by Christ!